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Covid 19 injection with lupus

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Hello everyone,

I feel like I am being pressured by my doctors to have the covid 19 injection. I have said no at the moment as I feel I do not have enough backround or others experience with lupus or low immune systems who have had it done.

My question is:-

Have you had it done? If so how did you feel after it.

If no why have you not had it?

Thank you all.

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Had the vaccine Saturday early am, Very slight flu like symptoms around 8pm... cold then hot. Legs ache a little but all in all feeling ok

That's exactly how I feel. I'm going through gastric / tummy problems, which I don't feel I should put my body through any other problems. X

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Nerdvana in reply to djsema

I relate to this as I've been having issues with my liver function. I haven't been offered the COVID vaccine yet, but when I do I want to discuss this first before I get it. Hope your tummy gets better soon. x

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djsema in reply to Nerdvana

Nerd vans, thank you 🙏🙏🙏

I had the AstraZeneca vaccine on Saturday and soon after, I had an allergic reaction, my face swelled up and I developed a rash. I called 111 and they recommended antihistamines which I took. The only thing I am allergic to is penicillin so I was quite surprised at the reaction. I then had cold shivers and hot sweats last night and today I feel a bit brighter and a bit better. I consulted my Rheumy before having the vaccine as I felt, like you, there is not not enough data on people like us, and he said I would be fine to have it. (I’m on steroids, hydroxy and Tocilizumab for UCTD and GCA) and I reported the allergic reaction to Rheumy today - he said to carry on with meds as normal and the symptoms will pass.

To me, having the vaccine was a leap of faith - despite reassurance from Rheumy that it would be ok, I wasn’t sure how my body would react - and it did! However, I felt that not having the vaccine and getting Covid would be far worse than any reaction to the vaccine. I realise for everyone it is very much a personal choice and although I felt reticent about it initially, I am glad I have had it done. I hope this helps xx

I'm immunosuppressed. I've had Covid and I've had the Covid vaccine and I'd pick the vaccine over Covid every time.

You can treat an allergic reaction very easily and successfully.

You can treat, manage and come out of a flare.

Two friends of mine got covid. One is dead leaving 2 young girls without their mother and my other friend is on day 35 in ICU.

I'm having the vaccine.

I think you are spot on HT - very well put. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends, so tragic xx

Thank you. Although I'm not looking for people to be sorry for me. Just want people to see the cold hard facts about what covid does

This thing that terrifies me the most is if I get covid and land up with Long Covid and land up in a worse situation than I am now.

If I'm dead, I'm dead but being bed-bound with long covid? Horrendous!

I am sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction. I've had experience of that myself and it's is frightening so I wasn't trying to minimise your experience. I was just reinforcing that they can be treated.

My poor mum was quite unwell for about 4 days after her vaccine and she's very healthy. I guess it's something we all have to deal with in order to be protected against this awful virus.

Please God, let the vaccine be the answer!x

No worries HT! I understand where you are coming from - and stating the facts clearly, is a good thing. Take care 🤗😘🤗

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Newby12 in reply to happytulip

Yes but many have said and felt that long covid is actually like having lupus 24/7???

I have lupus nephritis, a most severe form of lupus so why should I risk a fatal catastrophic reaction from the vaccine?

Can anyone guarantee that my body won’t react hence I’m still and will always strictly shield forever. Vaccination does NOT replace strictly shielding.

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happytulip in reply to Newby12

You are correct. Vaccination doesn't mean that we don't have to still shield at the moment. But it won't be forever.I've been bed-bound mostly or in hospital since about 2015 with lupus complications. Sepsis, cardiac and renal complications, CVID and dysautonomia. And since November I've suddenly been able to live on my own independently. I want to get as much as I can from life.

So when it comes to me getting the jab it might not even work on me because of CVID but I'm having it anyway

But I've decided that

1. I want to live as much of a life as possible and if enough people have the vaccine then shielding will eventually end

2. I owe it to the rest of society. Personally, it doesn't sit well with my conscience if I expected everyone else to have the vaccine in order to protect themselves and me, without me having it to. It's we not me.

That's just my opinion. Everyone must make their own decisions.

But as most of my family, friends, peers and specialists are all telling me that the vaccine is important to have, I'm following their advice and the knowledge that I have about medicine and my own disease. That's just me though.

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions.

Very well said xxx

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happytulip in reply to Newby12

Just to reassure you. So far, know one has had a fatal catastrophic reaction to the vaccine, as far as I'm aware. But we've had over 100,000 deaths from Covid.

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KayHimm in reply to happytulip

And just in one hospital in NYC there have been two deaths from lupus patients, both had kidney disease. Patients with systemic autoimmune disease have maybe done better than anticipated, but isn’t it safe to say many are still at risk if they are on moderate dose steroids or have organ involvement?


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happytulip in reply to KayHimm

Do you mean deaths from Covid or deaths from complications after covid vaccine?

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KayHimm in reply to happytulip

Sorry. I meant deaths from Covid. Though lupus patients have done better than expected, there is still a serious risk. That is why many in the UK are shielding.

The vaccine is the answer. As you say, the complications are almost non-existent.

I am trying to convince my cousin with lupus, heart disease and diabetes to get the vaccine. I realize her fears are real. But her doctors fears that she won’t survive Covid are real too. So hard. Any advice is appreciated.


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happytulip in reply to KayHimm

I guess everyone has a right to make their own decisions but in this case their decision impacts the whole community as well as themselves.

People with organ involvement and on steroids are at a greater risk as I understand it. But in my opinion it's even more of a reason to have the vaccine.

In my career I came across alot of people who refused various medications and I was taught by a very patient person to listen to their concerns, not dismiss them and then work through each concern that they have, giving them all the CORRECT information that they need in order to make an informed decision. Sometimes that might involvr getting another person's expertise.

Give them time, allow them to voice their concerns. Take them seriously and work through their concerns with them.

I'm no expert but that's all I can offer.

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KayHimm in reply to happytulip

Well, you are an expert. Will try to understand her concerns and just hope she listens to her doctors. Of course, she avoids talking to them. 😅

It is a tough situation. At some level she has to know that she may not survive this virus.

K 😍

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Cann in reply to Newby12

Yes, I read this in a news item - the symptoms of long covid are extremely similar to those of lupus.

I am so very sorry for your loss HT. I truly hope your other friend recovers. I lost my beautiful friend Jo, she left four children. It is a terrible virus, devastating for hundreds of thousands of people. Like you I am having the vaccine as soon as I am offered it xxx

So sorry about your friends 🤗🤗I too chose the vaccine, no ill effects,

Take care, stay safe M x

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Cann in reply to happytulip

It does depend on other health issues, too, whether you can always treat an allergy and the patient come out alive/dead or disabled in some way, just as some survive covid and some do not - we are all different and no-one knows how someone else will react, so we have to decide for ourselves.

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happytulip in reply to Cann

I completely agree. We are all different. I'm just focusing on my own experience which is what everyone seems to encourage people to do and in my 15 year career in Emergency Medicine I have been fortunate enough to have never had a death from an anaphylactic shock which I saw very frequently. I also experienced one myself last year.

My comment was that they can be treated more successfully than covid and I'd stick to that.

The good thing is that the vaccine centres are set up to deal with any reaction.

Everyone has the right to make their own informed decision.

I feel that there is some sort of loose opinion that I am someone who wouldn't respect others views if they didn't have the vaccine and that simply isn't the case. As a former prescriber I had to take these issues very seriously when seeing patients. An informed decision must be made.

I'm just saying what I would do. And in view of my complex ID and lupus, I am going to have the jab as recommended to me by my Rheumatologist and Immunologist.

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Cann in reply to happytulip

I am pleased that you agree that each has to make up their own mind. Thank you.

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happytulip in reply to Cann

I don't think I've given anyone any legitimate cause to think otherwise.

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Jmiller623 in reply to Cann


Here’s the thing, if the vaccine rate for severe reactions is 3 out of a million then that’s a lot less than the mortality rate we are seeing with COVID. Reactions to the vaccine are nothing compared to COVID long haulers.

I understand the concern and that we are all different but unless you are going to depend on herd immunity (which is near impossible at this point) then you’ll have to shelter for a very long time without the vaccine.

Regardless if you choose to get the jab and induce a reaction, it cannot be any worse than if you got the actual virus.

I got pericarditis from flu vaccine and you bet I got the COVID vaccine. First dose late January and no problems. I think we’re psyching ourselves out and fear mongering because the media blows every reaction out of proportion.

I say to listen to what Happytulip says. I had Covid, did well, but had post inflammatory issues. With lupus , serious Covid and post inflammatory syndrome are probably far more likely than a vaccine reaction. Lupus patients are always a concern with any vaccine.

Many having posted here that the vaccine has been fine.

Totally understand your concern - I am worried too since I will get a vaccine on top of antibodies- but best to listen to our doctors.


I've had the vaccine. And am counting the days to the second jab. It's such a privilege to be in a country that not only has access to vaccines but is doing such a remarkable job at getting them into people's arms. It's a privilege many people in other places do not have.

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KayHimm in reply to tree_shadow

It truly is a miracle. As bad as it is, in the US alone we could have lost over a million lives without a vaccine.

When I think about what it was like in Europe during the Black Death, with corpses in the streets, I realize we have moved forward.

My hematologist, who is a top advisor on the international covid anticoagulant treatment advisory board, simply admitted that he thinks the covid vaccines could very likely increase d-dimer, apls and other antibodies but it is in a controlled manner where as covid is known to raise these inflammatory markers but in non controlled manner. The vaccine causing issues is far safer than the virus causing deadly issues. No one has died that has received one of the millions doses already administered.

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KayHimm in reply to Roarah

Not easy, right? But patients with autoimmune disease are top of mind.


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KayHimm in reply to Roarah

Great point from an expert.

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Jmiller623 in reply to Roarah

Agree with you and your hematologist 100% Roarah.

The single shot Jensen is based on a weakened live virus format so if you have issues with live virus immunization you should discuss this with your specialist before deciding.

Not a single death from covid or treatment in any of the millions who have had it and thousands of deaths per day in those who did not.

This vaccine’s purpose is to solely prevent death it is not proven to prevent catching or spreading covid. It is presently only known to protect those who get the jabs.

In fact a Massachusetts congressman tested positive to covid weeks after his second shot but he is asymptomatic. This might seem like a failure but it is exactly how it was designed and is working exactly as it was expected to. It prevents death not covid.

Having the vaccine means you will survive having covid not getting it means your odds of dying from covid are much higher in risk groups.

But your GP takes the advise of all these experts and knows you.

The main thing she needs to do is go to the literature on the vaccine. The experts in immunology and rheumatology have already made their recommendations.

Pfizer and moderna are not live. The others are inactivated live like the pneumonia shot.

The AstraZeneca and J&J use a weakened ( inactive ) adenovirus to activate our immune response. Talk to your rheumatologist for more info and if it is appropriate. The first approved vaccines are different and use no virus strains at all.

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Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Roarah

Roarah, please do not continue stating that the AstraZeneca vaccine is 'live'. It is a very inaccurate description and contributes to the spreading of misinformation. This vaccine is safe and recommended for people with lupus in the UK.

I had my first dose of Moderna Saturday. The only reaction I have seen is a sore arm, but feels fine today. My doctor advised Moderna because of my multiple allergies, which includes Shell fish.

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KayHimm in reply to granmyty

Interesting. So glad you did well!

Interesting discussion - and I have read all the posts thoughtfully.

One thing I don't get is how we we will ever understand how people with autoimmune diseases react to the vaccine if everyone refuses to have it on the basis that there is not enough information, and that they are somehow 'special'.

I have lupus nephritis (with EGFR somewhere between 35 and 40) and take mycophenolate as well as hydroxychloroquine. Am I worried about having the vaccine? Yes, I am a bit. Have I understood that getting covid will probably either kill me or leave me even more depleted and possibly on dialysis? Yes I have. And importantly - do I want to stop living in fear? to be able to meet my friends and go shopping and on holiday and into libraries and to see my family and eat in a restaurant and attend my niece's wedding in August? And do I want to be able to do all of this while not feeling absolutely terrified of dying from covid as a result of living like a normal person? YES! Yes, I do.

The only way this is going to happen is if I have the vaccine. I may have a reaction - but on balance I think a vaccination is less likely to kill me than covid. Added to all this, the bonus of getting vaccinated is that I finally do something useful in this pandemic instead of hiding in my house like a big fraidy cat. Because it is not just about me. My vaccination, like a mask, or hand washing, or social distancing - protects others as well as me. And if I have a deadly reaction, I will be a number on a list of people who reacted to the vaccine and in doing so protected other people. So many people have gone out of their way to help me for the last year. Getting vaccinated is the very least I can do in return.

To me, it seems like a win win. I cannot live like this for the rest of my life. I do not want to die from covid. I want to go swimming in beautiful cold clear water, to talk and laugh with my friends, hug my sons, and the tiny new nephew or niece who is due to arrive soon... my sleeve is rolled up and I am eagerly waiting for my turn.

Well said.

My thoughts exactly

So well said. I'm 46 and still have a whole lot of living to do. I am ready and waiting for the vaccine. x

Bravo WinterSwimmer - beautifully put ♥️👍

Well said, good luck, take care and stay safe M x

I have had Covid and now living with long Covid which seems to add a new challenge each month. I would recommend an allergic reaction or flare over Covid. It is a horrible disease that has floored healthy friends, they are struggling to recover. Sometimes, there is no definitive answer and we have to look at the factors that we can control. Lupus sufferers know how to manage flares and reactions. No one has the control of Covid yet.It is scary and a leap of faith but please protect yourself.

I had the pfizer injection over a week ago, arm felt sore straight away and lasted 3 days and I felt slightly light headed for 24 hours but then I feel like that after having my methotrexate injections. I feel absolutely fine no problems. 😊

Hi yes I have lupus and had the vaccine on Sunday and no side effects better safe than sorry

I had the Pfizer vaccine on the 14th January. I am in the shielding category (SLE and Sjögren's) so when the option came, it wasn’t something I considered, I had it without hesitancy. The outcome without it is grave. Other than a dead arm the following day, I had no other side effects. I think a dead arm is better than the possible alternative... I really do not understand why people are hesitant to have the vaccine.. I spent most of 2020 stuck at home shielding and I don’t want to live like this anymore. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. I cannot wait for the second vaccine (estimated end of March) as then, me and my Newborn can get out and live again..

I am diagnosed with SLE in 1998 and has a rare life limiting lungs disease cause by the lupus and I took the AstraZeneca vaccine on the 9th January. I got it early because I am a key worker. The only symptoms I had was chills and minor joints pain for about 3 days. Every individual experience is different I hope you will make your mind up soon and decide to take the vaccine. Best wishes

I have both of those too

Had the AstraZeneca vaccine - no reaction except sore arm. Friends have had severe flu-like reaction but lasting no more than 24 hours. Preferable to Covid and also preferable to passing Covid on to others.

HiI had the vaccine in early January. Just had a heavy upper arm for about 2 days. Then 2 weeks later felt drained for 24 hours so I'm guessing that was my immune system kicking in. Otherwise no issues for me and I had the Pfizer one. I would say a little discomfort is worth reducing the risk of contracting severe covid. Good luck!

did you read all the information Lupus UK have compiled?

Hi, I do not have Lupus but GPA. The treatments required to keep me alive over the past 4 years have caused my immune system to get down to a level where I now need 3 infusions a week of human immunoglobulin just to keep it up enough tolerate the treatments.

I too was worried about the effects if a covid vaccine but I asked the vasculitis professor at Addenbrookes when I saw him in December and his words were “if you are offered a vaccine, grab it”.

They phoned me 10 days ago and offered me a vaccine the same day which I took. It was entirely painless and administered in a very safe and well organised environment at a local football stadium. The only very minor side effect was a bit of a dead arm feeling around the injection site the next day but absolutely nothing after that.

The decision is obviously yours but I hope my experience gives you a bit more information to make an informed choice that is right for you and your family.

All the best to you.

Hi. Glad you were fine with the vaccine.

I too have a form of vasculitis (urticarial vasculitis syndrome) and am hoping eventually to get a referral to Prof Jayne at Addenbrookes. Which of the vaccines on offer did you have? Were you advised to have one type in preference to the other ? Thanks

I had the Pfizer vaccine. Back in December when I asked Prof Jayne at my appointment I think it was the only one approved at that time. The Oxford one came along shortly after so when he said “grab any vaccine offered” he could only have been referring to these two.

Having been under the care of the vasculitis clinic at Addenbrookes for over 5 years he knows my case well and did not suggest any preference for one vaccine over another so I can only assume that he has confidence that any of the ones on offer would be safe.

There is no guarantee that the vaccine will produce any immune response in me given my low immune system and regular rituximab infusions.

I had vaccines against pneumonia, meningitis and flu and the immunology department then tested if they had produced any immune responses only to find that the had not but maybe the covid vaccine will be different.

To my mind I had nothing to lose so went ahead and had it as if I am unfortunate enough to get covid, it might just make a difference. Even though I am and have been shielding since the beginning, my wife is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in A&E so there is always a risk of her accidentally bringing it home.

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

All the best to you.

Thank you so much, it certainly does answer my questions.

I hope that you do benefit from some level of protection from the immunization.

I was due to have the pneomovax challenge some time ago to see if I produce antibodies normally, but it was postponed as I had a reactive arthritis after a minor gastro infection (it at least that's what it was put down to at the time- it was before my diagnosis). These illnesses are very complicated and difficult to treat when you have both autoimmunity and immune deficiency to juggle!

I wish you and your wife the best health possible - may you both stay COVID free 🤞

Hi, just for your info, I'm currently going through the same Immunology challenge. I have SLE, mast cell and immune deficiency. I had the two jabs of Menitorix and pneumovax 3 weeks ago. I felt a bit rough for 48 hrs and needed a duvet day but then I was fine. Just thought I'd share.

Thank you so much for sharing- that's reassuring to know that the symptoms you had from the vaccinations didn't last that long

I am wondering if I have some kind of mast cell activation. I've queried it several times with both immunology and rheumatology, but don't think I've ever been tested (not sure how they test). I keep meaning to make a separate post to ask about this as I don't know why my face and eyes keep swelling so much and I intermittently get breathless (I don't have asthma).

Take care 🌻

Hi...may I ask how often you get Rituxin infusions? Do you have side effects? Do you frequently get infections since Rituxin wipes out your B cells? I have been on it for 3 years every 4 months. My ANA has been negative the past 18 months but I still don’t feel well and thought by now I should be in remission but I’m not. I’m not sure I want or should continue with my infusions.

I’m vaccinated but how do we know it worked since being on rituxin? Sorry for so many questions!

After my 2nd Pfizer I had 101 fever for 10 days joint pain worst ever and had to go on prednisone for a week from a lupus flare.

Thank you!!

Hello, I have been on Rituximab for about 5 years or so now for my Wegeners Granulomatosis. Frequency has varied from 2 weekly at times during flare ups to the more normal 4 - 6 monthly. I have never had any side effects worth noting.

As I do not really go out and mix with people, I don’t get regular infections but if I were to socialise more no doubt I would.

I was having them every 4 months for a long time and did get into remission but they decided to stop them as by immunoglobulin levels had dropped so low and I went about a year but then the disease flared up again so we went back to regular rituximab again. As you say it is a B cell killer which is good as they are the cells that cause inflammation but that also lowers the immune system.

My immune system got to the point about a year ago that they had to start me on human immunoglobulin replacement therapy so I now have to give myself 3 x 60ml infusions per week in order to prop up my immune system enough for it to tolerate the rituximab.

I have been on various doses of prednisolone every day for over 5 years now but gradually have managed to get down to 2mg per day now from my highest which was 85mg per day at the start.

I had my first Pfizer covid vaccine in January and my second about 8 weeks later. No side effects from either doses.

You raise a very good point about whether or not the covid vaccine will have any effect to people like us on rituximab. Before they started me on immunoglobulin treatment they first gave me vaccines against flu, pneumonia and meningitis then 4 weeks later they tested my blood to see if I had produced any immune response. Of the 13 different blood serum tests they did, to be considered to have produced any immune response I needed to get above 0.35mm/l in more than 7 of the tests. I managed to just scrape above that level in only one of the 13 so safe to say the vaccines had no effect at all.

Maybe the covid vaccines will be different but who knows? I have an appointment with the immunology consultant next month and intend to ask if a similar test can be done to see if the Pfizer vaccine has worked or not.

Hope this answers some of your questions and I wish you well and good luck.

I haven’t had it because my lupus is fairly well controlled and I am only 18 so far off the age bracket the gov is targeting but my doc told me to have it if I was offered.

Covid is a dreadful virus. My beautiful friend died drowning in mucus leaving four children . She was 54. She was shielding. She will never see her children marry or hold her grandchildren. You might have a reaction but you will live. Better still you will protect other vulnerable people by getting the vaccine. Please consider carefully before you refuse. I understand your reticence but we live in such difficult times and my opinion is the vaccine is the only way forward.

That's so sad. Poor children. Losing a parent when you are young is a really big deal.

No i havent, my rheumetologist advised me to wait til more research is done on people like us , ( immune supressed & on meds like ours) i have read some have on here and have had flare like symptoms but last a day or 2. Its better than getting covid. Be safe , follow your heart, wait a bit til more info is out if you feel more comfortable. I want it but am following docs orders, ill ask again in 3 months hopefully theyve done more research by then.

How are they going to do the research, if not by giving the vaccine to "people like us"?

Exactly right. And given that we all have different sets of illnesses and problems with our lupus, the only way we will know how it will affect our own bodies is to have it ourselves. We can’t expect other people to try it out for us.

Covid vaccines are not live!!!

Confirmed deaths from the vaccine only? I hadn't heard of this. Are there any reliable press reports that you can share with us please?

I am not able to access this article. Variants are inevitable. The word out from our experts is not to try to outsmart the vaccine timing. This is likely the same in the UK.

Will try to find the simple explanation about why waiting for an upgraded vaccine is bad strategy.

We have been instructed to get the vaccine when our tier comes up. For seriously affected lupus patients, I would think this advice is particularly important.

By now, many people with systemic autoimmune disease have been vaccinated. Maybe that is good news.

Doctors don't "push" people into getting a vaccine. They might encourage it or advice it but that's because the benefits outweigh the risks of not having it.

Patients are able to consent for themselves. Doctors are there to help them make an informed decision.

There's is a lot of "I've heard someone was paralyzed," or "the vaccine killed a group of people" rumours out there.

Where is a legitimate report into this because if that is the case then it needs investigation. And if it's not the case then it's a lot of scaremongering about a potential life saving vaccine.

My doc certainly did "push" me. It was much more than advise. However, po-tay-toe/po-ta-toe...hearing is in the ear of the listener just as seeing is in the eye of the beholder. What I call a push may only be advice to you, and vice-versa. Right now, I am going with my gut feeling to not accept this vaccine. We are all individuals. We must make decisions on our own based upon what we feel inside. That be whether based upon rumor or fact. The key is to be comfortable and satisfied with the decision we choose. Each person's disease/disorder is works differently in our bodies. We therefore must choose (on an individual basis) what is right. It can be a tough decision, but it is a choice that will be made one way or the other.

I encourage every one to pray fervently and ask God what should be the best decision for you at this particular time. Who knows, later you may make a decision to have the vaccine.

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Cann in reply to Beautifulwoman

Well said, Beautifulwoman. I pray each day and I listen to what comes through both from the Universal Energies or my 'God', if you like and also from my Higher Self - much more intelligent decisions made than by me or my brain!

Hi I had the Pfizer vaccine last week, apart from a sore arm I was absolutely fine. I felt a little nervous but glad I have had it. Better to be protected from Covid.

If you are going to write this stuff, please post the reliably sourced articles from which you get your information.

Not had mine yet but I can’t wait to have it. Millions of injections given and I have not heard of anyone having any serious problems with it. Follow the science

I refused the offer yesterday, blondie22 because I don't feel it is right for me - a gut feeling if you like. Go with what you feel is right for you and don't be pressured by anyone.

The reasons for the testing not needing 10 to 15 years had been explained time and again. Science has improved, they had been working on a base for vaccines in general so only needed to customise it for covid, testing does not take all of 10 to 15 years, most of that is spent getting through red tape and getting finance all of which the government did with utmost urgency. The testing has been done thoroughly. Do some internet searches on reliable sites and you will see that this is true. It is your decision, I don’t hesitate to agree with you on that, but I would not like to see you make that decision based on information that is either untrue or because you haven’t checked it out properly.

As for deaths not being from Covid, look at the number of deaths this last year compared to previous years, the only difference in causes is that this year we have Covid. So that is a reliable way of telling if Covid deaths are being reported correctly overall.

Brussels boss suggests UK cut corners on Covid vaccine approval

- this could be sour grapes, but it doesn't hurt to read everything and make up your own mind!

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WinterSwimmer in reply to Cann

And yet they have also approved the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines...

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Cann in reply to WinterSwimmer

Yes, odd!

There could be multiple reasons why people just die the day after a covid vaccine as you say and they could be completely unrelated.A stroke after being in bed so long? A myocardial infarction because of clogged arteries, the fact that they had Covid puts people at risk of clots so maybe a PE.

The point is that the vaccine cannot be proven to be a cause of death and there would be many, many other causes to be ruled out first.

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Cann in reply to happytulip

Yes, I agree.

No, I didn't actually. I asked you a reasonable question.

I know that Covid is a cause of such a high death rate. I know that crit care is overwhelmed. After 15 years as a ED/Crit care nurse I have my peers telling me what they are going through.

I simply asked you a question to understand your point of view. I won't bother again.

I don’t think there are obvious reasons apart from Covid so please do give examples. Flu cases are right down on normal years so this would actually mean there are even more Covid cases than are apparent using the excess number of deaths. What else is there?

HIi Blondie I had the vaccine last friday I did not have a sore arm or any aches and pains I felt very tired the next day and brain fog by sunday afternoon I was feeling a lot better I have lupus sjogrens syndrome fibromyalgia osteoaritis and osteopenia but everyone has to make what they think is the right decision for them good luck xx

Hi I have had both my doses done and felt absolutely fine I am immunosuppressed on methotrexate and daily steroids.i have lupus and antiphospholipid syndrome.It is ur choice at the end of the day so u shouldn't feel pressured into having it at all. They shouldn't be telling u to have it or not they should only be giving u the information they have got about the vaccination so that u can make an informed choice.

I am a practice nurse and have seen many patients have it, virtually as I'm still not able to go back into surgery as I still have to shield even tho I've had both vaccines!! I'm working from home doing clinics via phone.

Some people whether they have lupus or not may get flu like symptoms, fever or joint pains etc for a couple of days following but some may not. I was fine which I was surprised at as usually the flu vaccine puts me in bed for a couple of days! But other than a very sore arm I was fine.

So dont feel pressured but be reassured by others experiences too x

Had it last week. Felt fine after it and still do.

Hi blondie22, I am sorry you are so concerned about the Covid vaccine. I had the astrazeneca vaccine a week ago yesterday. I had a sore arm for a few days but that was it. I have so many health issues my gp and rheumatologist said it could only be a good thing for me. I had not been out of the house since last March and suffer panic attacks when out so this was my only issue. I am proud to say I did it and am looking forward to the second dose. This can only mean the way forward to get as much of a normality as poss back in our lives. Which in my books is a really good way forward. Hope you make a yes decision for your health sake.

Personal take: I'm going to dance into the surgery... Whip out my bare shoulder and rejoice at being vaccinated! I can't wait! Then I'll do another dance as I exit! Freedom for everyone and the ability to do my bit to help lower the death rate in the country! YAY! We're so lucky to still be alive to get it and to have the option. I have friends in other countries who aren't likely to get the vaccine until next year. Between covid or the vaccine I choose the vaccine! Heck I don't just choose it, I celebrate it!!! 🥳

PS apologies for the exuberance, I also get there are many with fears, I don't mean to downplay them. This is just how I personally feel about the vaccine.

Thank you all so much for your comments. This is why I love this site, I have been posting here for a few years. You are all so supportive and honest. There are mixed reviews. The doctor called 5 times even my mother 🤦‍♀️ and sent a letter out to me. By hearing so many experiences from you all I know each individual can react differently, some of you have been really bad, some mild and some with no reactions. I have taken the decision and I am booked in to have the injection tomorrow afternoon. I am scared to be honest as my partner works all day and if I am ill I still need to look after my crazy 3 year old. Thank you all again.

You got this blondie22!! Get those dancing shoes out!!💪💪💃💃

Insomniacette thank you. Little light headed but nothing major so far, I haven't had my dancing shoes out in 4 years but we all need a good blow out!

I have had both my vaccines now and haven’t had any side effects really, just a bit lethargic. So pleased I had it done.

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