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Two cuties (part one)

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Hello everyone

Just thought i would post this lovely pic of two cuties that give us hope that Spring is coming. The lad is pictured at Cotswold Farm Park as the lamb is one of the first to be born this year.

There are these signs now like lighter nights, first daffodils , birds building nests that hopefully will help keep us going.

Keep safe and as well as possible.


28 Replies
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I love your photo. It’s so good to be reminded that there is sunshine and new growth around the corner and we will get through the dark days. Roll on Spring 🌞🌼🌸🌾

misty14 profile image

Thank you Meg, im glad you have. Ive really noticed the signs of Spring this year and it feels earlier to be in jan but maybe i havent noticed other years. ?. I know we all badly need it. Keep well and safe yourself. Xx🐣🌼🌷

ExtremeDuvetDaze profile image

Aww lovely, spring is on its way... although it doesn’t feel like it tonight -3 🥶 so I’m looking forward to lighter evenings and spring flowers.Hope you’re doing as best you can with everything at the moment Helen, Big hugs 🤗💕😘xxx

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misty14 in reply to ExtremeDuvetDaze

Hi dianne, thanks for your lovely reply. You must think ive lost my marbles talking of spring in this weather and ive learnt this am that some areas have snow!. Do you?. We dont luckily.

I have noticed spring signs in our front garden already. The daffs are poking thru and we've such a tiny, beautifully woven nest in our cherry tree!. Must be for a wren its so small!.

It is bitterly cold so i hope your snug and cosy at home.

I hope you got on ok this week with your appt's. Ive got bloods and dentist this week. How's that tooth?. Hope not too painful!.

Ive got some toe progress. My orthapod surgeon has agreed to do a steroid injection so im on another waiting list for an appt. He'll do it in clinic!. There will be a wait as he must be busy. Also it must mean surgery is going to be very behind. It will be good to talk to him!.

Take care dianne and keep safe and warm. Xx🌼👋🌼🌷❣🌷

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ExtremeDuvetDaze in reply to misty14

Oh that is good news Helen, finally some relief for you, let’s hope it won’t be long to wait🙏. I had my hip injection on Friday 🥳, he’s injected something called ostenil which replaces the fluid between the joint as well as steroid so with any luck we’ll both get some relief for a while 🤞. The other appointments went well thanks, I saw a lovely pessary nurse at the hospital so I’m going back to let her change it in four months, she’s taught me how to take it in and out should I get that awful pain and feel desperate to remove it, it’s been much better, she wants the consultant to give me the once over too. My kidney function hasn’t got any worse and that’s after taking Arcoxia for my costochondritis for ten days on the trott so that’s reassuring. But guess what... I’ve been getting really bad palpitations the last two weeks so started back on bisoprolol 1.25mg I’m to double the dose if it doesn’t help then speak to him again in ten days, the palps are exhausting, I feel like my heart is going to burst ! The bisoprolol is helping but seems to wear off after 12 hours or so!Are you taking yours still and when do you normally take yours?

No I don’t think you’ve lost your marbles, I think it’s lovely to think about spring time, it creeps in slowly doesn’t it when we see the snowdrops and daffs starting to appear, it gives us something to look forward too.

No snow here today but it’s flippin cold 🥶.

Hope you’re keeping warm too my lovely ...

Big warm hugs 🤗 🥰💕❄️⛄️Xxx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to ExtremeDuvetDaze

Fingers tightly crossed dianne that your hip injection will bring much better relief. It sounds much more targeted as they know better whats going on with your hip now!.

Thats brill news about your kidney function and arcoxia and a massive test having chostochronditis for a while. I hope thats settled now.

Isnt it sad you cant enjoy the good news for long as now your battling palpitations!. It doesnt stop does it.

I take bisoprolol at breakfast and had to go up to next dose to get the proper relief!. I also find coffee gives me them so ive cut back on that and noticed a difference!.

Do hope your better soon my lovely. We're not missing too much with the weather so cold and miserable. I dont really want to go out now as its too much effort. Got to brave it twice this week. Ill let u know when i get an appt for toe.

Take care and keep warm and safe. Xx🌻⚘🌻👋⚘🌼⚘🌼😍👋⚘🌼

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ExtremeDuvetDaze in reply to misty14

I don’t have any caffeine, haven’t done for years so I can’t figure out why I suddenly started getting them, it came on much the same time as the rib pain suddenly got bad a couple weeks ago , all very odd, I haven’t had any pain relief for a few days, it’s on the edge but trying to go as long as I can to give my kidneys a rest, not easy! At least we don’t have to feel too bad about not going out when the weather is

so yukky .

All the best for this week Helen, I felt quite safe going to my appointments, twice at the hospital it was very calm and quiet and well managed, happy to get out quickly though😬, same with my Gp, I was the only one in there.

Will be thinking of you... catch up again soon.

Take care, stay safe 😷 🥰❄️💕🧚🏻🌺xxx

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misty14 in reply to ExtremeDuvetDaze

Thank you for your good wishes dianne and glad you felt safe going to the hospital.luckily its dentist and gp surgery for me. I feel more vulnerable suddenly as no vaccination yet and no antibodies! I do hope you feel better this week and the palpitations calm down. Not nice when they happen.

I forgot to say that my U.S penpal julie recovered from covid. Such a relief specially as she and her husband had it but luckily mildly.

TAKE CARE and keep safe. Xx🌼❣Xx

ExtremeDuvetDaze profile image
ExtremeDuvetDaze in reply to misty14

That is good news about your friend, phew you must be so relieved. Good luck this week, I know it’s daunting but hopefully you’ll feel as safe as I did, I found all the health care settings had everything in place to keep everyone safe. Will be thinking of you my lovely ... big hugs 😘🥰💕xxx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to ExtremeDuvetDaze

Thank you dianne lovely. I felt 10 years younger when i heard about my friend had recovered. Its partly the media slant we've had ie if you get covid you'll end up in ITU!. Thank goodness not everyone does!.

I do hope you feel a bit better this week. TAKE CARE. Big hugsXx🌼

honeybug profile image

Oh Misty precious are both. Thank you for sharing this pic with us and giving us the warm fuzzy feelings of endorphins.

I’m smiling ear to ear.

Much love hugs and prayers sweetie.

EJ 😊🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋👶🐑

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to honeybug

Thank you honeybug, so glad you liked it. Watch out next week for part two. Keep well,warm and safe. Xx🌼🌷🌼❣

honeybug profile image
honeybug in reply to misty14

Oh you’re so welcome hun. Looking forward to it.

You do the the same sweetie.

EJ 😊🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to honeybug

Thank you honeybug. 🌼❣🌼

suzannah16 profile image

spring? feels like a new ice age here. 9am and it's -4. ice has barely melted for the last month/6 weeks

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to suzannah16

I know suzannah, we're certainly getting winter. 🤣 its freezing everywhere! Maybe it means we'll get a summer but not too hot eh!. No pleasing us lupies! Hang in there Spring will come!. Keep well and safe.

KayHimm profile image

Love this photo! Hope we will all be with his spirit of absolute delight soon!


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misty14 in reply to KayHimm

So agree kay . Lots of better things are coming we have to be very patient and wait!. Not always easy. Keep safe and cosy. Xx🌼❣🌼

Maddymay65 profile image

Gorgeous photo and as you say hope spring is on its way, stay safe M x

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to Maddymay65

So pleased maddymay you liked it. You may like my part two next week!.

Do hope your lovely cats are well and you keep safe and cosy too. Xx

CecilyParsley profile image

What a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing Misty. I was given some daffodils last week and they brighten up your room. I hope you are as well as you can be? Big Cwtches xxx

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misty14 in reply to CecilyParsley

Thats lovely cecily, we could buy some yesterday which surprised us. We love watching the flowers emerge in our dining room. It really does brighten the room as you say.

How's the steroid reduction going?. Hope your breathing is still good.

Ive just got the ok from my orthapod surgeon to have a steroid injection into this painful toe!. Im on another waiting list for an appt and watching the phone!. Very relieved he will do it.

Keep warm and safe too cecily. Xx

CecilyParsley profile image
CecilyParsley in reply to misty14

Oh good news about your toe. I really hope the injection eases your pain. Steroid reduction ongoing down to 15 mg tomorrow. I had a bit of a blip and thought I might have to increase the dose again but I am persevering. This past week has been rough. I have had a bad flare, mouth, gullet and genital ulceration, so painful with a fever and bad fatigue. If it is not one thing it is another. Thank goodness for the tv. Dancing on Ice tonight whoop whoop and berry swirl ice cream in my new ice cream machine just to get in the mood of it lol xxx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to CecilyParsley

Thank you so much cecily for your good wishes. You've done well to get to 15mg steroids when it is so hard to reduce because of our symptoms. Have you got a dose they want you at?. Im sure you keep a note of which dose it is that your symptoms re-appear. Hope you will have a rheumy review soon as well. Take care this week and keep safe and cosy. Xx🌼❣🌼👋

svfarmer profile image

Oh this little boy looks overjoyed with the baby lamb - such a cute picture- yes I have seen snow drops appearing in the last 2 weeks - it certainly puts a smile on your face xx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Glad you like it svfarmer. Our daffodils are poking up. Lovely you've seen the snowdrops. It gives us heart doesnt it that better weather is to come. Specially as its so cold at the mo. Keep safe and cosy. Xx

ChristineK profile image

Thank you the picture is very hearwarming x

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to ChristineK

Thanks christine for replying, glad you like it. I think you'll like my next one too. Keep well and safe. Xx

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