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Hello everyone. I would like to thank you all for your support when I messaged about our son who is an ambulance driver and contracted Covid. He had a rough time in hospital with the condition.

I am pleased to inform you that he came out of hospital yesterday (Tuesday) and is now resting at home with his family. Naturally, my wife and I were very concerned due to the fact that we couldn't travel the 130 mile to see him and due to my wife's condition of lupus, it would have been very dangerous for her.

The comments and support from you has helped us to stay positive. He will be off work for some time, but at least he is alive. For any of you who has lost some one to Covid please accept my condolences.

Thank you all ❤️

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very good to hear, hope he recovers well with no long covid

Fantastic news I'm so pleased to hear he is home and I hope you all can settle abit better now. I wish him well and hope his recovery continues. Sending you all warm wishes and hugs. SML xxx

P.s dont forget we are here to support you and your wife on the lupus front too stay in touch xx

Oh that’s fantastic news xx

Thank you so much. Love to allx

Some good news at last. Hope he is feeling better soon. All the best to him

Thank you so much

HiSo glad to hear your son is ok and hope he makes a full recovery

Thank you very much

I was only wondering yesterday how he was doing as we hadn’t heard from you. But that is such good news to hear! Best wishes to you and yours. Sue x

Thank you Susieliz

Such wonderful news! Thank you for letting us know.

Very glad to hear that he is home. Tell him to rest well. I wasn't hospitalised and had mild covid symptoms but I'm on week 4 and still struggling to do my daily activities 😪.

just-typing in reply to heda123

Thank you Heda. Yes he has also been told to take it easy. He has to build up his breathing activity

So very pleased for you and your son 🙏 a great bit of news in these tough times. Best wishes 🙏🤗x

just-typing in reply to stiff19

Thank you Stiff19

Oh that's so good to hear just-typing. I hope he recovers smoothly.

just-typing in reply to Cathyan

Thank you Cathyan

Wishing your son a speedy recovery.

Thank you very much Nini

I cannot begin to imagine what your family has been through ... we are blessed that now we can all be hopeful for our future, I truly wish you all well, Best Wishes Grandmother Polly,

Thank you very much Pollynolongerinagony. My grey hair has got even greyer. But now we can relax. It is things like this that bring communities together, which has been proved by the lovely people on this site. Take care x

Sorry to hear your son has been so ill, glad he is home and you can all be together, so important at this time. Stay safe and know that you have our support as a group. Anything you need to ask, someone can probably answer on here. Take care, stay safe M x

Thank you Maddymay, and yes, what lovely support we have received. X

That is wonderful news. I am so pleased for your family. Stay safe xx

That is wonderful news. I’ve been wondering how he’s been doing so am so pleased to hear the news. It is hard that you can’t get to see him in person but perhaps you could Skype or FaceTime him once he feels strong enough. All my best wishes to you and your wife and as Spanielmadlady says please remember we are all here to support you both so please keep us posted. Take care. 🤗😘x

I am so pleased to hear your son is out of hospital now. I wish him a continued quick recovery. Stay safe x

Best wishes for a full recovery X

You have all been marvellous. Thank you x

Thank God he’s survived. Continuing to keep all of you in prayers. Please stay safe and take care.

My love to him and all of you and yours.

EJ 😊🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Thank you honeybug. You stay safe as well. X

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