Lupus & Coronavirus (COVID-19) - UPDATED 15/10/2020 - LUPUS UK


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Lupus & Coronavirus (COVID-19) - UPDATED 15/10/2020


We've just published an update to our information and guidance about lupus and COVID-19 to account for the new measures announced this week.

We have a range of other resources worth checking out too;

Returning to work:

Looking after your well-being:

Available support:

LUPUS UK COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund:

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Congratulations and well done on completing your marathon 🍾🙂👏 xx

It's good to have the extra advice although where I live is at the medium, class one infection rate the local shielding team have already started phoning us. Not sure if that's good or bad 🤔🤔🤔. As I have a dodgy chest I've sort of got use to trying to avoid people and their viruses, now they have to wear masks it's a bit safer to go out on the odd occasion but I'm ready for shielding and/or lockdown so know what to expect this time.

Take care and keep safe.


CSLO in reply to Boudica1

Thanks for posting this link Paul.

May I ask a question please as I'm never sure how and where I fit into these risk assessment charts? I don't know how steroid injections equate to tabs? I don't take oral steroids but have 120 Depo Medrone injections as needed, alongside 400 mgs of Hydroxychloroquine daily.

Many thanks.

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