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My namesake Cecily Parsley with my boy Dylan. We miss her so much. She had been thrown out and was living under a car, covered in oil and dirt and eating scraps. We brought her home and gave her a two tier hutch in the kitchen , which she rarely used. She had the run of the garden, cwtched up with the dogs and came running when called. She got flystrike and could not be saved but she brought us so much joy in the two years she lived with us, even though she chewed through the lamp cable, the Sky cable, the telephone cable and my husbands lap top cooker cable and headphones. 🐰

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😍😍😍 thats an adorable pic Thankyou for posting πŸ™πŸ‡ what a pretty rabbit with matching markings to Dylan (equally lovely). She was lucky to have found you and you her, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ whats a few cables πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ , great memories to hold after the heartbreak πŸ‘πŸ™ just adorable to see them together 🐢🐰 xx

It was hilarious when my husband turned to look at me with his new Bose earphones on. The cable was chewed right through. Cecily was on her back right next to him on the sofa..butter would not melt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚xxx

No way, bose ones πŸ™ˆ they are great, Oh dear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love their innocence, my fault but I let my parrot out and rather than looking for mischief as usual she just sat pruning and content on top of the cage and I dared to make the most of it and went to kitchen to make some cheese scones.I can see into living Room from kitchen but she was quiet so I never gave it a second thought. Oh how wrong , she’d chewed a hole in the blinds and a great hole in the leather chair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ needless to say quietness is now the warning sign. πŸ˜‚xx

Wow you have a parrot? What is she called? Please post a photo of her. Cecily used to love laundry days. She would jump in the middle of the clothes as I was sorting them. It was only when my t shirts started to resemble a colander that we realised the little minx was chewing them. I have one t shirt that I still wear around the house with perfectly formed holes all around the hem. It reminds me of her 🐰xx

If you look in my posts about 6 months ago there’s one named bird box ..... my parrot is there. I think I may be in trouble with forum posting many pics πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

Cecily sounds like a real character, and how nice you still wear holey shirt, that a lovely πŸ‘Š aren’t they funny these animsls😍

Kia my parrot is African grey , another character πŸ˜‚


I will have a look now thank you🦜🦜🦜🦜xx

They’re not the best but they are there πŸ‘πŸ˜‚xx

Never alone dear Cecily, always in the heart, feeling it everlasting.You gave life to one who was sideded by others, cruelty. Her heart sings in eternity, giving strength to all who gazed upon her. Remember no good deed goes unnoticed, and her Love rains down. Embracing the energy of caring, and second chances. You are very blessed, and noble... Much Love to you and yours dear Cecily. Thestormy sunshine :)XXxxxxxx

Oh thank you so much. That has made me cry. Poor Cecily always had a dirty bottom, the vet said it was because she had eaten things most rabbits do not while living rough. It meant every day for two years we had to grab her and gently clear the mess. Rabbit skin is so very delicate and it would take us up to 20 minutes to gently ease the poop off. Worse still was that she hated it, it traumatised her bless her. One day I had to go for an angiogram. I was so long waiting, getting it then they could not stop the bleeding so I had to stay longer. We arrived home and I was exhausted. My husband said we need to clean Cecily but I fell asleep. The next day I slept until the afternoon. We picked her up to clean her and she became frantic so I said we will do her tomorrow. The following morning as I washed her the water was pink. She ran around clearly distressed afterwards, she would not eat or come to us. The following morning she would not eat her banana ( she usually climbed up my leg to get it quicker). We rushed her to the vets but it was too late . I blame myself for not washing her. She was such a huge character and we loved her dearly. Much love back to you, you are so kind xxx

Hearts of gold to you both for caring for natures creations. Never blame the messenger, I.E. Yourself LOL. Be well Cecily, I pray for us all. Peace, Thestormy sunshine:)Xxxxxx

Thank you Storm, stay safe xxx

Beautiful, contented Cecily. She knew she was well loved by you all, including Dylan - you can see it in her face. ❣️❣️❣️

She was such a diva and Dylan is so laid back. He was not very impressed when she continually weed on his blankets lol xx

Oh that picture is adorable , what a sweet little rabbit πŸ‡ and so lovely that she came running when you called her , maybe she thought she was a dog 😊xx

When my hubby came back from a walk and said he had seen a rabbit I thought it must have been a cat so went with him to look.Initially she would not come near us but we took food, hay twice a day and after two weeks we would shout Bunny and she would race to see us, binkies and rolling over on the road. The weather took a turn for the worse and the poor little mite would be soaking. We called the RSPCA who were no help. One day she nearly got run over so someone helped Neil catch her and we took her to the vet. Her teeth were overgrown, she had fleas and sore patches on her belly but otherwise was healthy. We decided that she had chosen us and took her home. We then found that she belonged to a woman who thought she was a male. We posted a letter through her door with our name, address and telephone number saying we had her rabbit who had been living outdoors for months and if she wanted her we would be happy to let the RSPCA know. Two days later she posted a note through our door saying β€œhe” kept running off so you can have β€œ him” for Β£10. We paid her and got her to sign a letter stating that she passed ownership to us. We got Cecily back to full health, microchipped etc. She had the run of the house and garden and never once tried to escape from us in two years. Xx

Like you say she definitely chose you and sounds like she had the best life that you gave her, think the owner would have given you him/her for free and sounds like she didn’t look after her well at all poor little thing , thank goodness you found her ❀️

Yes it was definitely a win win situation xx


Dogs ask for so little and give so much, so glad you saved her and sounds like she gave you so much joy. I cannot understand how some people can be so unkind to animals, there is no excuse for it and makes me upset,and angry all at the same time . I had a rescue dog , we named him Scamp for a number of years, he had been dumped by the side of a road :{ it took him so long to trust us and he hated being in the car, would shake and cry. again why? gave us so much love.

lovely photo with dylan , happy memories, take care M x

Yes animals are so much more loyal and loving than many humans xx

okay have re read your post , having a lupey morning , rabbit was dumped not dog oh dear brain fog aahh

take care M xx

Ha ha I understand totally xx

Expensive rabbit. It I’m sure she was worth it. How are you today?

She was worth every penny always. I had never had a rabbit and was delighted how intelligent she was and how her character developed. If we put her food in bowls and shut the kitchen doors while we ate, as we had to watch her like a hawk or she would chew everything, she would pick the bowl up in her teeth and throw it repeatedly around the kitchen because she wanted to be with us. We went through about ten bowls in six months then gave up and put her food on the floor. The funny thing was she loved the dogs food. The vet was amazed that a rabbit was eating Fish for Dogs. I still have the bug but at least I slept well last night so I am grateful. How are you? Xx

What a wonderful thing you did, to take her in and give her so much love and care. A beautiful picture of them both. Be gentle with yourself x

She gave us so much more. I am now used to two dogs coming into the loo with me but it was hilarious when she came too. Three pairs of eyes watching 😳🐢🐰🐢xx

Oh that's wonderful, what a great image! Animals do give us immeasurably more, you are so right. One of my dogs used to run into the loo and leap onto my (bare) knees giving me such a grin! xx

How lovely. You have brought back a really funny memory for me now. The first time I went in the toilet after we homed her, I left the door slightly ajar as I always do as I have had so many falls in the bathroom. As I sat down a set of teeth came around the door and it was flung open. As I laughed she ran towards me and jumped on my lap. My hubby came running as I had shouted in surprise. He creased up to see me sat on the loo with a rabbit grooming herself on my lap 🐰xx

Oh that's wonderful! Made me laugh out loud too, so other half just came to see what was going on. Now I'm going to go to sleep dreaming of grinning rabbits (Were- Rabbit (Bun Vac 6000) style). You really did give her the best life x

Thank you we did try. Every morning I opened the kitchen door and she was sat in her litter tray waiting, not for me but for her favourite breakfast , a banana 🍌. She would be climbing over my feet as I peeled it and trying to climb my legs to get at it. She would then sit and eat it before saying good morning and of course our cocker spaniels always got a greeting before us. If we ran out of bananas she would thump her feet and be in a huff until we got some 🐰xx

Brilliant! So lovely that she and the dogs were chums. Dylan is gorgeous too. (And thumping of feet when running out of bananas sounds frighteningly like favourite breakfast as well, even been eating them frozen in the hot weather. Must be secretly channeling my inner rabbit!) x

That definitely is not a bad thing. We could all do with an inner Bunny diva 🐰❀️Xx

I have a raw carrot every afternoon too....don't know why it took so long for me to realise I was a closet bunny x


Oh, she looks so cosy cuddled up with Dylan. Animal cruelty is my absolute pet hate and can reduce me to tears at the drop of a hat. She was very lucky to have you as a 'mum'. xxx

CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

I was the lucky one Meg. She loved me too ❀️🐰❀️Xx

MEGS53 in reply to CecilyParsley

Yes, you both deserved each other. Hope you're feeling a bit better, xxx

CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

Thank you I think I am getting there but so weak. I think I have had a nasty bug and a UTI which seems to have floored me. I went back to the treadmill today after a week off and I really struggled, not just with pain but shaking with fatigue. Still at least I felt up to trying today so that is a bonus . How are you doing lovely? Xx

MEGS53 in reply to CecilyParsley

Please lay off the treadmill for a while, you need to rest just now. xxx

CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

I will take it easy I promise xxx

It's lovely to know that she finally found such a loving and tolerant home!

Don't blame yourself for her demise. Our rescue springer died from a burst tumour, following a period of very severe illness for me and a lot of stress on my husband. We hadn't even realised that he had a tumour - although I had thought he looked rather fatter. But I was so exhausted, etc, that I didn't pay close attention. I blamed myself for years, until friends clearly said that we had given him a really good and loving home and that he had been one of the happiest dogs they had known, and that it wasn't my fault. And it wasn't yours. We can only do so much at times. And it seems you did everything you could for Cecily Parsley. That she was so happy and settled, and never tried to escape says it all.

Oh no I am so very sorry. I totally understand that guilt and gut wrenching anguish. Some people just do not understand the depth of love you can feel for an animal. We are blessed to have them in our lives and it is never fir long enough . We never shut Cecily’s hutch door, we never had to. She could have dug under the garden fences easily but she didn’t, she was very happy. When we called her she would race to us jumping and binkying in the air, then rolling on her back, legs in the air like a dog so that we could tickle her belly. Bliss for both of us xx

Aww lovely pic Cecily πŸ€— n Cecily what a lovely rabbit she was!! 🐰

I agree with what u say about animals choosing us!! This happened a few years ago now but I was sitting outside in a police station car park (I used to work in the cell block as a drug worker so I hadn't been naughty!! 😹) This was when stray dogs were taken to police n then council would go about removing them. I was sitting there with my friend on a break n a lady bought this little dog round for a wee..she said that she was taking that dog to the pound..n unfortunately where she was taking her was quite renowned for destroying dogs!! All of the time she was telling me this that dog had her head on my knees n was looking at me with her deep loving doggy eyes..I just melted!! My friend said that she was looking for a dog as she'd just lost hers so I thought ok..doggie will have a good home!! I talked to my friend later n she said that they would prefer a puppy so I got in touch with the pound n we went n got her the next day!! Tilly her name was n we were together for 5years!!

Sounds like Cecily was a real character with her rabbity antics!! U have many happy memories..she's always in your heart!!

We had a rabbit when my daughter was younger called cuddles who died of flystrike although I didn't know what it was..I do now!! I still have one of her feet n the fur is still lovely soft rabbit lucky charm 🌈😽😽xx

Oh that is such a lovely story about Tilly. What a wonderful coincidence that you were there at that time. My dream is to win Lotto and buy a sanctuary. Lots of unwanted animals living their best lives woukd make me and hubby so happy xx

I'm so sorry for your loss of your sweet baby. You gave her a home and lots of love and a comfortable life that she enjoyed people like you are truly wonderful. Rest peacefully sweet one

Thank you so much. She brought us such joy. My husband loved her dearly and spoiled her rotten but she was my girl xx

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