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Cute pic no 3

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Hello everyone

Just thought I'd post this cute vole. Hope you like him and are all keeping as safe and well as possible.


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❤️❤️ where do you get these cute pictures from ? Xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

The Times newspaper a farmer. Aren't they fab. I'm looking forward to Mira Monday. Xx😊💕😊💕😊

Aww that is super cute, lovely ❤️🥰❤️ 😍❤️ 🐭 xxx

Glad you liked him lovely!. Watch this space for some more and take care. Xx😊💕😊💕😊💕😊💕😊

He is gorgeous. Seeing voles always brings back memories for me. I lived with my Mam and Nan in a house by the river as a Child. Both had a real phobia of rats, mice, anything with a tail. One morning my Mam went to go out to work and she screamed . Both of them were terrified as there was a rat on the doorstep. When I went to look there was a little vole on the doorstep. I gently picked him up and returned him to the river bank. Such a cute little fellow. I must have been about ten I think. Thank you for sharing Misty xx

Glad he's brought back lovely memories for you cecily. That's a lovely story. Do hope your making progress medically more now. Xx

Yes it really did Misty. It is so strange I grew up with two women absolutely terrier of rodents and my own huge phobia is spiders. I had another fall this morning so more bruises and I have pulled my back. Honestly I am a walking disaster ‼️Xx

Oh no cecily not another fall!. Do hope you don't hurt too much. Have you heard from that Rheumy Consuktant yet?.

It's strange isn't it how many weird things we can have a phobia about and it all starts innocently enough!. Keep safe Xx😊💕😊

I am really very clumsy at the moment. My body is literally covered with bruises. I hurt all over. I have to laugh or I would cry and if I start I really don’t think I would stop. I am worried where all this will lead. I am really not safe lol You take care Misty. I look forward to your next cuteness overload xx

TAKE SPECIAL CARE cecily and it won't be long for my next pic. Xx😊💕😊

Thanks Misty. I look forward to it xx

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