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Puppy post

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You guys have been posting lovely pictures so I thought I’d share one too. Meet Maxine/ Mad max, she was hit by a car before animal services picked her up and they decided to amputate. She spends most her days bathing in the sun or trying to be a lap dog 😂

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She's beautiful Jenna, such a character and don't they adapt so well to having one less limb?. Your giving her a lovely life that she wouldn't have had!. Lovely to post , keep safe and wellXx

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JennaShi in reply to misty14

Thank you, haha yes, character indeed! It's amazing how animals and even humans can adapt!

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misty14 in reply to JennaShi

Definitely!. Xx😊💕😊

Love the pic! I bet she’s a sweetheart. My first car was named Maxine/Mad Max. She was a ‘68 Camaro that I rebuilt myself. Being the middle child and only girl born to the owner of an auto parts store and machine shop, it was inevitable. I loved her. Wish I still had her. She was manufactured late that model year (March 68) and had A/C. She was a sweetheart too! I saved her from the junker because her engine was blown when I got her for $600 in 1979.


Thank you, she is and probably just a feisty as the awesome car you describe!

That is so cool that you that you took an interest in cars from your family and learned how to rebuild her and get her back to prime running condition! A talent a majority of people don't have. And like animals, restoration takes time. Do you have a picture of Mad Max, I would love to see her if not that's okay too. I don't know much about cars but tend to be drawn towards camaros, the older bronco, and the el camino :D

She had a 327 ci engine with a Rochester quad carburetor (Quadra junk- that I rebuilt no less than 4x due to floats sinking) but I was a poor high school student and even getting parts at a discount cost me a year of my life working it off at the store. I do have pictures but they may be in storage. I’ll look for them. She was Butternut yellow. I didn’t pick the color. I wanted to paint her a gun metal gray but never got around to it. Her paint always waxed like a beaut!🐎


I bet she was a beauty and worth all the trouble with the carburetor! I just googled pictures and butternut or gray I'm impressed! Yeah sometimes we end up putting more money than expected into things we value, but that's life!

I forgot to say that all this started because my dad said no daughter of his was going to drive, not knowing how to change a tire, oil, and basic maintenance (check fluids, air pressure etc). Mind you, my dad was a mechanical genius who did special ops for the Sea Bees 🐝 USN for 20+ years so you would think that he would be the one to teach me, but I actually learned most of it from his employees and my older bro and his friends, who took care of me when he went off to the Navy in April ‘79 (same month I got Max).

My dad offered me an original stock 1964 Ford Falcon, which I thought was an old lady car. It was owned by a friend of his and he could get it for a song. But, I wanted something with more pizazz. Little did I know it would mean I wouldn’t get my license until much later because my car had to be done.🤷‍♀️

Through the years, I have owned a 68 &70 El Camino, 65 Buick Gran Sport, 56 Buick Roadmaster Riviera (my favorite), 40 Buick Coupe, 28 Buick, 70 Ford Ranger (fully restored) 63 Chevy 3/4 ton (ground up restoration w/balanced and blueprinted) this was a close second to fave. It was a project with my dad and it was gorgeous! My Buick was sold to a collector in New Zealand 🇳🇿. The 63 Chevy saved my life one night when a drunk with a shotgun ...The truck was parked in front of our house kept the bullets from going through my bedroom window. My dad said the truck had to go. The paint was riddled with the evidence. He had the glass replaced and sold it immediately and got a lower profile truck. I drive a low profile car now that I bought new 20 years ago that has 280K miles on it. I have changed the serpentine belt in the middle of riots in downtown Portland. I still maintain some skills. My son must have gotten some through genetics/osmosis because he is a wiz. Sorry to ramble. But I love animals, nature and cars.

Before I rescued Max I rescued Suzy, a 🐕 that “followed” me home. She was a Staffordshire Terrier. Two weeks later she had 10 puppies. We weren’t supposed to keep her but I batted my baby blues at my daddy and she stayed. She actually outlived my dad. She died at the ripe old age of 21 years. The vet figured she was about 2 when I found her. She was the best dog! Dogs know when you save them!!



Hi D, sorry to have responded so late, I crawled myself into a dark hole for a little while after receiving some news but am making my way out and see that you have a some awesome history!

Your dad sounds like he was hard core and am sad he didn’t teach you in your early years but I think that is so interesting that you learned from everyone else he taught. I bet he was surprised when he came back to find out that you both shared the same interests!

I don’t know what some of those cars are so I’m going to look them up. That is so cool that you had sold your Buick to a collector in New Zealand, not many people can say that they’ve done that! Reminds me of the show I’ve been watching a show on Netflix, can’t remember the name but it’s about a car shop in Temecula, CA called Gotham garage. Have you seen it? Anyway he made a replica of a special car (blanking on the car sorry 🤦🏼‍♀️) and they donated it the museum in I believe it was Los Angeles. You and your dad and shop family must’ve been so proud!

Also your mention of your Chevy saving your life blows my mind, I can only imagine how scary that must’ve been for you guys and am so glad that the bullets didn’t go through your window. I hope they caught that guy and it’s unfortunate you weren’t able to keep your truck, although I think I see his point from a parent’s perspective.

I think that’s wonderful that your son is carrying on with your passion for cars and maybe one day you will hear that he has sold a beautifully remodeled car to a collector as well :)!

Haha, the term you used “followed” I know that term all too well! My sister was an expert at somehow acquiring unwanted animals. Wow, sounds like she followed you at the right time! that’s a lot of adorable little puppies! What did you end up doing with them all? I’m so glad you got to keep her, and assume she lived so long because she loved you and lived a happy life!

What a fabulous picture - Maxine is a gorgeous girl x

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JennaShi in reply to svfarmer

thank you <3 !

She is so chilled lying there.dont you just love puppy tummys they just scream...tickle me 😁 . Marley tries to be a lap dog too....only hes a 4st spaniel the size of a labrador! Im pretty certain he thinks hes a shizhu or pom in his head.No sun bathing here today...tipping with 🌧🌧☔ it's a welly day.have a great week both of you xx

yes!! and the look they give you for tickles and scratches. Its amazing how much love they have. He sounds like such big love lap dog, that is so cute! I'm so glad you guys have each other <3 .

She's adorable and such a brave girl. Bet she loves you even more for rescuing her. Big cuddles to Maxine from me, xxx

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Thank you, I like Drunnerchick's example of her car and feel it suits Max as well. She has some delays and tend to defiantly run looking for food. We've had some close calls when she's suddenly taken off but within the past year she has made considerable improvements and although it's been a challenge, she's just as worth it. I believe she's been growing and teaching us how to be smarter with her as well as help us reflect on life and develop more resiliency through any trials that come our way.

Oh she is just lovely. Dogs are the very best of companions. She will enrich your life just as you enrich hers. Gorgeous Maxine 😍

Thank you, I agree, animals have so much love to give and it's been amazing to see how much progress she has made since her accident.

Oh yes....tail scratches, behind the ear scratches and arm pit tickles are favourites in our house too.

He makes it a bit difficult to watch telly as he doesnt make a very good window 🤭

They are both getting on in years now and I'll be lost without them

Wishing you loads of happy doggy days 😘

awwe, yes those are the best! haha thats funny! That would be hard to watch tv. Do you also get the nose in the face when its dinner time?

Most definitely, they sound like very special members of your family <3 .

No nose but millie seems to know when its 4 30.i buy their dog food in 15kg bags and it lives in the big cupboard.as soon I get their dishes off the window sill she starts barking and there is no shutting her up.marlz sit patiently by the back door as they like to dine outside weather permitting.millie is a proper worker,very hardnosed with no maternal instincts at all.marlz is very laid back .

Marlz (10) sleeps with me and quite often I get a nose in the face and open one eye to find myself looking up his nose.millie (11) likes her own space on the sofa.

I've been on my own since my partner died in 2009... so my moto is...dont get a man get a dog xx

Not sure how but agree that they must somehow keep track of time in their own way. That’s so funny that she doesn’t stop barking until she gets her food and Marlz is the opposite! He sounds like quite a gentleman 💜.

I hope you’ve all had some good weather with lots of opportunities to dine outside, picnics make life more fun!

I’m sorry to hear about your husband, losing your soul mate is hard and they are irreplaceable. So glad you have your two lovely dogs, they sound like wonderful family members. I think dogs have such genuine love that help us get through hard times. I'm so glad they were by your side.

I apologize for responding so late, I had received some news and crawled myself into a hole for a while but am now crawling myself out.

I hope that you have a nice week!

They are total opposites....millie's is the field (working) Springer and hyper while marley is the bench (show) springer and very laid back we had only had millie 2 weeks when brian died and she helped me cope by walking.marley we got as company for millie when I went back to work but she would of been happy on her own....she likes her own space and wont cuddle up to marlz for love nor biscuit..

I'm sorry you had news that made you retreat for awhile...there is no need to apologise I just hope you are ok.

I met my daughter and grandchildren for a picnic the other week besides that weve just pottered around locally. been busy getting the yard tidied up as I have a log delivery is coming next week then we will be set for winter.dog coats at the ready too .

Look after yourself sending you a big hug and Maxine a tummy tickle x 😘 x

Isn’t that interesting how different dogs can be in personalities? I’m sorry to hear about your husband, it’s tough losing your loved one. I’m so glad you had Millie in your life to help you walk through it all. It sounds like Marlz’ personality is opposite for good reason, to love you and give you more comfort and both lots of joy and laughter.

We have a second dog also, I will post a picture of them together. Max, we are told is an Australian kelpie mix and Ruby, we were told is a Docson terrier mix (not sire how to spell it correctly at the moment) but we think she has some chihuahua in her too as she can be quite barky. Max is learning so much from Ruby, even more loyalty.. which I didn’t think would ever happen💗. They bring alot of mess and joy into our lives!

Thank you for understanding, still working through it all, one step at a time. I’m realizing that worrying or agonizing about it isn’t going to change anything and not helpful.

That sounds like fun! I’m glad to hear you’re able to meet with them for a picnic and have nice days hanging out together getting stuff done around the house and getting ready for winter. We are just about the same. My daughter is 12 and school is being done at home. There have been alot of Fires in California, not close to us fortunately, but the smoke has been blown this way so we try to stay in as much as possible.

Thank you and to you as well, these are difficult and uncertain times for sure. Looking forward to when things are better and Covid is more under control.

What a sweetheart 💖. She's so relaxed and comfy. I'm so glad she's found someone like you to love her ❤

Totally adorable 😍

Brave beautiful girl💕


I’m sorry you’ve had some bad news. I can relate somewhat. I had a friend pass away yesterday. Such a sad day! I am fighting so many things just now. I just got my diagnosis, then had to go into 2 week COVID-19 quarantine because a housemate was careless and contracted it. He is still not over it 4 weeks later. My employer is no longer paying us the stipend through the emergency CARES Act so I need a new job as well. As Pooh Bear would say,”Oh, bother!” So I look for the rainbow 🌈 and keep moving. I find things to be grateful for, like, so far I have managed to not catch the Coronavirus.

My dad did teach me things early on but when he bought the auto parts store (after his 4th heart attack, true story, found the ad in the newspaper while sitting in the CCICU) he didn’t have much time for anything else other than business and sleep. The ‘56 Buick that went to NZ went to the same neighborhood as Peter Jackson, the producer of the Lord of the Rings 🎥.The collector had a Buick from every decade. My car was extremely rare because it was a Roadmaster Riviera, and everything worked including the original A.M. radio. Th at car was the bees knees! You could have hidden 10 dead bodies in the trunk if you were a mobster!😂🤣🕶🚬🧨🔫💣🔪🧱💰

We found homes for all those puppies 🐶. They were adorable. I was lucky to keep the dog, I wasn’t going to push my luck and ask for a puppy too. 😉She was even loved greatly by my stepdad after my mum remarried. He just thought she was the greatest. He loved to garden and Suzy would just follow him around the yard and he would ask her questions like “Right here? Is this where I should plant it?”. They would carry on and such. Had their own language I guess. When he would take a break for a 🚬she would look 👀 up at him and wait for the invitation to sit in his lap. They were hysterical together. He was heartbroken (as we all were) when it came time to put here down. All of us kids had scattered. Her legs were so arthritic they were giving out. They give their all!

I hope you are feeling better!✨🐶🌟🌹🦋💐🌻🍀😘🌞


I’m sorry to hear of your friend, it’s hard to loose someone you love and care about. I can imagine how frustrated you must’ve been with your house mate as well. I’m glad you haven’t caught the coronavirus from him. I hope and will pray that he recovers and works to be more careful in the future. I agree with your pooh bear Analogy and don’t think it’s right that your boss won’t pay you what you need. I admire your optimism and determination through all of this and will be praying that a better job with a kind and caring boss comes your way.

You’re dad sounds like he worked very hard and am sorry to hear of his heart condition.

That car sounds absolutely amazing and I think it’s wonderful that you were able to get to run well again. I hope that the collector takes it put every once in a while to Keep it running nice! Haha and isn’t using it to store dead bodies😬. That is so neat that he lived in the same neighborhood! I recently finished watching Lord of the Rings with my daughter and then quickly finished the Hobbit, love those movies!

That is wonderful that all the puppies found nice homes and that she lived such a sweet life with your family. Suzy sounds like such a sweetheart. They truly do!


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JennaShi in reply to stiff19

Thank you, animals are such a blessing aren’t they? 💜💗

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Most definately 👍😍

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Is that your cute puppy in your picture? He or she is so cute!!

Thankyou yes his face is a bit hidden behind wrapping paper ( he loves a pressie) but he’s getting on now he’s 10, lovely old boy 😂😍

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JennaShi in reply to stiff19

Awe he sounds like such a sweet and fun boy! 😍💜

He sure is , 10 years of blissful ownership and friendship filled with laughter🙏😍

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