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Hydroxychloroquine and covid

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As I have been taking hydroxychloroquine for at least 5 yrs now,if I got covid 19, would it make me more likely to get seriously ill

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From what I understand, there is no data on whether or not lupus patients (or anyone taking hydroxychloroquine) are more likely or less likely to get seriously ill if they contract Covid-19. It’s all just still too new.

Keep taking your meds as prescribed, practice social distancing, wash your hands, stay informed and stay safe. It’s all we can do.

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smellie in reply to milkwoman

Thankyou milkwoman

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No, just less likely to prevent it or make it better. It is patients who have not got an underlying condition that are reacting to the drug When prescribed it for Covid..

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smellie in reply to Hamptons

Thankyou for putting my mind at peace

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Hello Dmellie, I can reply on the basis of a virus from February.2020. Not sure what it was. But I think covid19 messes up our immune system, which is already messed up. Our body fights off the virus and it goes on overdrive. Our medication help slow down that overdrive whilst we are fighting with the virus.

Since February, I have been having terrible attacks of of Lupus. Some days are fine but some days are so painful. My suggestion is whatever you do, do not stop taking Hydroxychloroquine, given you react well to this medication. Not having access to this med or similar made my illness (lupus) worse. I am assuming covid19 is a virus and our body reacts the same which is to fight the virus.. having said that, you also have the other systems of covid19 symptoms added to your conditions everyday systems. I heard taking Vitamin D helps and eases the general aches and pains due to this virus but you must check with your Gp. A friend found lying face down helped ease her breathing, whilst having covid19. Hope this helps and get well soon. Lx

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smellie in reply to LalSD

Thankyou so much. I feel very re assured 😁

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As I understand it, hydroxychloroquine at the strength we use will probably not affect how badly COVID affects you. The deaths arising from hydroxy are apparently because of the side effects of the drug, and I think it is the fact that it can affect your heart rhythm that is causing most of the problems. I think they are using very high doses of hydroxy which is why the side effects are worse than when it is taken by us. This is a new virus so there is still not concrete knowledge about what is happening. But the big research did show extra deaths when HCQ was used and they know about this now. The Indians have done a small project and have concluded that HCQ does give added protection from catching covid in the first place, but it might not be reliable as it’s small research project.

HCQ is said to be safe for the illnesses it’s already used for like lupus, RA and malaria. So do not stop taking it. If you think you are getting serious side effects then talk to your doctor ASAP.

Vitamin D helps guard against infections but should be taken with caution as too much vitamin D can cause problems. Best to get a blood test done first and get your doctor to set an amount for any supplement you need. Or at least check with your doctor before taking it. Patients with autoimmune diseases often have low vitamin D levels so it’s a good idea to get it checked anyway.

Lying face down can indeed help with your breathing. Your lungs go into your back and it’s apparently easier to lift your back as you breathe in than to lift your chest.

Hope that helps!

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smellie in reply to Jumper99

Yes it does help, thankyou so much

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Yes I did see it thankyou. It was after I head about Trump that I looked it up and then I was worried because they said about the death rate being higher but everyone who replied has been so helpful and I feel re assured. Thankyou very much. X

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Hi smellie ,

We've contacted some expert lupus clinicians to write an article for us about the evidence behind the safety of hydroxychloroquine in lupus and the findings from these COVID-19 trials.

At the moment, the guidance would be to continue taking your prescribed medication as normal, unless you are advised to stop it by a medical professional. Your doctor will carefully weigh up any potential risks and benefits of treatments you are taking.

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smellie in reply to Paul_Howard

Thankyou Paul.

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