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Join us in ONE HOUR (7.30pm GMT+1) for the World Lupus Day Virtual Quiz on YouTube Live

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Hi everyone,

In one hour (at 7.30pm GMT+1) I will be hosting a virtual quiz on YouTube Live to raise awareness and funds.

I would love it if lots of you could take part! Please encourage your family and friends to join in too.

We're asking people to please donate online at

For all the information you need to take part, please go to

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Hi! I’ve got four groups of friends taking part tonight. We will keep in touch by video link. We are all competitive, so in it to win it! Thanks for organising Paul.

Regards Sue

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to Susieliz39

That's great! Thank you! I hope you all enjoy it.

I'll be there x

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whisperit in reply to whisperit

That was great, thank you Paul and Frances

Sorry to be stupid but if I go onto you tube what do I write in? How do I find the quiz? I want to do it on my smart TV

But I'm not be clever with tech?

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to happytulip

Try typing in 'World Lupus Day Virtual Quiz' or going to the LUPUS UK YouTube channel.

I’m trying but it says ‘can’t connect securely to this page’? Maybe just me being thick or dodgy connection - anyone has that and got on? X

THANK YOU so much to everyone who joined us for our World Lupus Day virtual quiz!

We've already received £950 in donations! Thank you so much for your amazing support.

If you took part and enjoyed it, please consider donating at

If you missed the live quiz, you can still give it a go at

Thanks Paul and Frances. Heading for £1400 now. It was entertaining in Nannerch. Best wishes Kevin

Please keep us updated about how much we've raised and any other events going on! Thank you 😃

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