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Question about Hydroxycloroquine

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Anyone can answer for me. I thought that Hydroxycloraquine was given to us Lupus patients to suppress our immune system. Why would you give a medicine to someone who needs a strong immune system to fight the Covid 19 virus? I am confused. Is anyone able to educate me. Hope everyone is safe and doing well

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It doesn't suppress your immune system, it regulates it. So don't worry about hydroxy. It is apparently one of the best medications for rheumatic conditions.

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Natcp in reply to Treetop33

Then why is it called an immunosuppressive . Thanks for answering

Hello Natcp

Hydroxychloroquine is not on the list as an immunosuppressent, it more or less interferes with the cells in the immune system, however I was told by Dr D Cruz that its not an immunosuppresent drug. Hope this helps.

Stay Safe

Danielle xx

Hydroxychloroquine is a DMARD but isn't considered an immunosuppressant in the same way as, say, methotrexate. It has immunosuppressant effects but are relatively modest so more regulatory than suppressant.

may explain it in a way you can understand?

While you may need a strong immune system to fight off an infection, one of the things that causes the severe versions of CV is too much activity on the part of the immune system as it produces substances that encourage the inflammatory response to kill off the virus. But something may over-stimulate the immune system to produce these substances - and the whole thing goes mad, the lungs fill with fluid and cause an overwhelming pneumonia calles ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome.

If you can intervene early and calm the immune system down it may stop it getting to the really risky state. That is where the excitement about hydroxychloroquine has been created - but as yet there is no study evidence that it will work to do that, far larger numbers under controlled conditions are required, and absolutely none that taking it prophylactically will work to stop you catching Covid 19. Whatever a certain world leader has suggested, no-one knows for sure, no-one knows the dose that might be required and taking too much is dangerous as a few people have already experienced by overdosing and we know it can cause several dangerous adverse effects when not used properly.

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whisperit in reply to PMRpro

I'm sure the fact that the Trump family trusts have a large holding in the manufacturers of Plaquenil is entirely coincidental to the President's talking it up x

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PMRpro in reply to whisperit

Whatever makes you think that?????? ;)

Hi Natcap

Hydroxychloroquine is known as an immune system regulator, rather than an immunosuppressant.

Here's what says..

'It is not clear why hydroxychloroquine is effective at treating autoimmune diseases. It is believed that hydroxychloroquine interferes with the communication of cells in the immune system.'

In other words, it doesn't suppress the immune system but rather 'regulates' it by disrupting communication between cells in the immune system.


I believe the theory at this time is that people with COVID19 that take a turn for the worse are experiencing a “cytokine storm” ) cytokines are inflammatory substances that are released as the COVID19 patients immune system reacts too strongly in an effort to defeat the virus.

Thank you everyone. I knew I would get an answer. You all explained it well to me. Everyone stay safe. 😷😁

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Foggyme in reply to Natcp

Thank you and you too Natcap xx

Its not an immunosuppressant, its an immunomodulator.

These comments have illuminated the hydroxy queries that have bothered me. . .Although actually does not change the way any of us go about trying to stay out of the way of Covid-19. Information satisfying . Thank you.

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