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Red itchy sore face and swollen eyelids

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I have been diagnosed with borderline under active thyroid ...

a few times now I have woken up to a very sore red itchy face with red swollen itchy eyelids,

Feels like stinging ... antihistamines are not working and wondered if this was a sign of Lupus.

I also have muscle ache in my calf’s .. bad constipation and have put in some weight.

Any self help and how would I know if I had this

Please help ....

10 Replies
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I’m so sorry I can’t think of anything to help, but I can offer much sympathy. That looks very uncomfortable. I’m definitely not a doctor, but it looks like a bad allergic reaction. I get a malar rash and may have rosacea but I’ve only had such swelling around the eyes from allergies.

Others may be able to help more.

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Hi Ladybex! This looks pretty bad. It could be many things including hypothyroidism/low thyroid which causes constipation, swelling and muscle cramps! Are your legs swollen but not pitting edema? Has your hair texture changed lately or have you lost hair on your legs/armpits?

You need to see a doctor immediately. Low thyroid is no joke (myxedema/crisis) and even if not caused by that, there are many other things that are still less than savory that can cause this but low thyroid is what I’d worry about and that needs medical attention.

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Ladybex in reply to Jmiller623

Thank you ... seen GP on and off for ages... just given me a stronger antihistamine ...

was taken off levothyrixine 25mcg as didn’t agree with me... need to try another brand.. I think I might have lupus but unsure ...

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Jmiller623 in reply to Ladybex

You may need to try another thyroid hormone replacement. Some people who react to levothyroxine swear by armor thyroid because it’s both T3 and T4 in its natural form. You need replacement. I’d guess your symptoms are from stopping replacement meds suddenly. You can always ask your GP to check an ANA. Thyroid problems are associated with many autoimmune diseases beyond lupus.

If you become short of breath, super lethargic or become extremely swollen, I’d go to A&E. Regardless of what’s causing your symptoms, you need medical attention.

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Ladybex in reply to Jmiller623

Thank you Jmiller I appreciate that ... my ANA come back ok ... going to try mercury pharma levo 🤞

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Go to A&E please. That looks very swollen and too near to the eyes to risk. My son recently had similar and we initially thought it was an allergic reaction but it was orbital cellulitis and he needed urgent IV antibiotics. I’m not saying that’s what it is at all but definitely needs checking out quickly. Sometimes you’ll get answers through going to hospital that your GP just won’t know so that’s a benefit too if you have lots of unanswered symptoms.

Good luck xx

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Hello, I have had an under active thyroid since I was 23, I’m now 43. Puffy face yes but the picture you have shown of swelling and itching has not been a symptom for me (or my mum or sister who also have it). Your face looks like a severe allergic reaction or could be auto immune related. steroids may help? I would definitely ask for further tests, fingers crossed for you x

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I have thyroid problems and I've never had that, I don't think that it's thyroid related. Get to a&e!

Actually I’m with Jmiller - the fact that you started on thyroid replacement then stopped could mean Mixedema - which is very serious and potentially even fatal.

I had similar but less dramatic swollen eye until a few months ago and was told by my optician that’s it was periorbital edema. He thought it likely to be associated with my long-standing hypothyroidism. And it has relieved a lot since I went up a dose of Levothyroxine.

The problem with the suggestion of with Armour is you can’t get it in UK other than ordering it online yourself usually.

Hard to know what’s causing it otherwise but I agree about not taking risks and going straight to A&E or phone 111 and describe it ASAP.

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I have just found out that the cause of this was a allergic reaction to


It has taken me nearly 6 months to realise it was the drops as I wasn’t using them all the time. Plus it took 36 hours for the reaction to happen.

I’m ok now and hope everyone is coping in the Lockdown and staying safe

Have a good weekend guys 😊

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