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Left eye causing discomfort


First thing to ever go wrong with me was rapd Left I now seem smaller feels like there’s something in it constantly this picture will be your right

It’s not really clearing up I can see out if it but not focusing as well corner feels itchy and face and eye feels as if it tighter on the left eye (your right ) any thoughts !

I’ve seen eye specialist who can’t see anything wrong I get floaters one optician said my eye muscles looked as if they where dropping but no one has agreed

It’s really annoying il try anything xxx

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Looks like I have less of a eye lid x

You might want to mention it to your neurologist at your next visit. Hope you are feeling a bit better.


Buckley123 in reply to KayHimm

I will do but what do you think xx

KayHimm in reply to Buckley123

I don’t have any ideas but just if you are having trouble with eye muscle, your neurologist would want to know that.


Buckley123 in reply to KayHimm

I’ve been to opticians and Eye ducks glands are blocked top and bottom With severe dry eye xx so this may help hot compress and eye drops xx


Hi Buckley, I had floaters for a few weeks. It was so annoying! I thought I was going to be stuck with them for life. Luckily not and I hope your’s are gone soon too. Best wishes to you, and Merry Christmas! 🎄

Buckley123 in reply to Hidden

Floaters I’ve had for years xxx

Hidden in reply to Buckley123

Really? So annoying I can’t even imagine having them for years. I hope they are ready to leave you! 🙏

Buckley123 in reply to Hidden

Yeah they are not too bad worst in bright light and blank walls xx

Oshgosh in reply to Hidden

I also have floaters for About 5 years. You do get used to them

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Oshgosh

I’m the same. I’ve had a floater in my left eye for about 5 years and one appeared in my right eye 2 years ago. Your eyes seem to compensate for them after several months and as you say you become less aware of them except with a light background as Buckley said. My optician said they never go away and more developing is a real possibility. ☹️ I wondered if the Hydroxychloroquine is responsible but he doesn’t think so. He did say to keep watch for symptoms of a detached retina however, so does that mean you are more prone to a detached retina with floaters? 🤷‍♀️

TM1970 in reply to Buckley123

Me too, I was told it was a bleed in the eye, nothing to worry about...ok then...it certainly seems like something worrying. Tx

You may have a bit of conjunctivitis. I have had it a couple of times this season.

If that's what it is then bathing it with a cotton ball in hot salty water will help.

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

IF it is conjunctivitis, it is catching so use your own towels and flannels and keep separate from others. Don't use same cotton ball to clean both eyes if you decide to bathe both

Thanks I went to opticians and they said my eye ducts are blocked xx

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If you read my most recent post there are suggestions for both Sjögren’s and sicca syndrome sufferers - preservative free eye drops at regular intervals, heated eye mask for up to 15 minutes daily followed by massaging your bottom and top lids to get the oil flowing out of the meibomian glands. We don’t always know when we have any of the 3 types of dry eye disease and sometimes symptoms aren’t obviously caused by dry eyes.

Glad you have found cause - blepharitis/ Meibomian gland disease (MGD) is a major part of Sjögren’s dry eye and I hate it! But the heat followed by massage is very effective. X

Hi Buckley123,

Looking carefully at the photo of both your eyes your R/eyelid is definitely wider, droopier than the other one.

So many causes and reasons?

Nerves controlling the muscles which control the shutting of our eyes? Just wondering whether you’ve got pain in winking that eye? Can you wink both eyes?


Check out:


I’ve got loads of floaters in both eyes and it’s like tiny insects flying around my face. Optician says there’s no cure for floaters. It does affect my reading.😢

I think you need to see an ophthalmologist rather than just any high street optician.

All the best.

Buckley123 in reply to Jacky34

Thanks ! No I can only wink in my right eye !

But I’m going to see if it’s blocked ducts they seemed certain but I will mention it to my neurologist

Thanks for the advice xxx

Jacky34 in reply to Buckley123


If you’ve got dry eye (s),😩 (very painful), like having small grains of sand in one’s eyes.

You can get prescribed eye lubrication/moisturising drops/gel available on NHS.

Get GP to prescribe.

All the best.

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Coping with dry eyes,



Hey beautiful,

Just wondered if D Cruz did the dry eye test on you?

Mine was bone dry and was used as a marker for diagnosis.

Sometimes my eyes really struggle, almost like muscle fatigue of the eye.

No clear answers , lots of hydro forte drops for me


Jacky34 in reply to Lisalou19


Coping with dry eyes,



All I can say is I had this a few years ago looking like less of eyelid but docs and opticians said it happens with age now I have drop thar side and eye closes shut numerous times daily sometimes with mouth drop and awful head pains and jaw sins occasionally when I go to eat. My face goes tight that side (it’s bonus is skin tightness irons out creases ) 🙈 and swellings bruising and white vein pops up in forehead and blue dry eyelids weird ear sounds and tinnitus , dry sinus and pain.The eye waters a lot I get blurry eyes on off and floaters. Optician did letter for referral to give to doc about referral ophthalmologist and I’ve asked should I not see one but still no one referred I’m told wait for neurologist appointment in July. Though ent acknowledged this week it’s worse than in August.

You’re younger than me so shouldn’t get the ageing thrown at you like me but get it checked. This was slow progressing for a few years till suddenly face dropped and it’s now been doing that since March and slowly worsening, I have numerous other symptoms so still think it’s all linked . Last two days some sort of malar rash, flare of fatigue and bowel symptoms back pain and all old symptoms plus a tremor through body and rested legs look like heart beat in them with movements felt like tremor.

Not telling you to worry you but if you have someone to see about it , do so as I’ve lost my face to this , I look awful and I believe the years of dropping beforehand led to it.

I’d advise to get it checked at least

Hot compresses seem like a cop out but it really works for dry eye. There are also oil based eye drops you can put in overnight. If you have dry eye you just have to get into a routine of doing this dull stuff. Really frustrating though I know...

Hi, it looks a bit like my eye just now, saw my ophthalmologist a few weeks ago and he said I have blepharitis which is swollen eye lids, probably caused by my very dry eyes even with the plugs in, he gave me a leaflet and told me to put a hot flannel over my eyes and make sure I clean the eye lids with either soapy water, or Johnston’s baby shampoo and a cotton bud. It feels like I have something in them and gets worse at night, I thought at first it was one of the plugs were under my eye lid. I’ve been cleaning my eye twice a day but still have it. So annoying

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Sue_petal in reply to Jacky34

Hi Jacky,

Thanks for a most useful link.

It mentions Biotene lubricating moisturising mouth gel, expensive though. Any for dry eye?

As I understand it, these treatments are prescribable👏

All the best

I’ve had problems with ‘dry eyes’ since the 1980’s, around the time the goitres started. Started as conjunctivitis which would not clear. Remember walking around town on a Sat with my mother, pouring with rain, I was wearing sunglasses and holding her arm as struggling to see. An ulcer developed in my left eye and took months to burn out.

This has reoccured at various intervals, 2 year,s, 15 years, 3 years, 1 year, erratic. I suspect the 15 year gap was to do with being on the pill at the time. So always suspected a hormonal link. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in the early 1990’s.

Dry eyes have always been an issue the 80’s. About 10 years ago they decided it was Herpes Simplex. Apparently because it is the only thing that explains it always being in the left eye.

I’ve never been convinced. I think it is more likely linked to lupus or sjogprens, and more likely Sjogrens as I suffer with very dry mouth, particularly overnight, no matter how much water I drink overnight. I feel like all fluid drains from my head. Wake up with rough sandpaper mouth, dry eyes and often with headache. Some tests were done for both Lupus and Sjogrens a while back but nothing registered. But something ‘flares’ .

Two years ago I could not get a settled prescription, new glasses a week later were not strong enough, a week later I needed distance for the first time as well as reading. Then they were not right. I was eventually referred to the eye clinic. (large file there due to reoccurring ulcers - but not had problem for. a few years)

The specialist rejected the referral with no explanation. I could not get anyone to tell me why. This specialist has now left.

Last year my prescription was fine. This year same thing. A week after eye tests new glasses no good when they arrived. This time it was my right eye that had changed. Was referred to clinic again. May as well not have been as the specialist there had decided before I entered room that he was doing nothing. He just kept repeating ‘opticians, it’s opticians. If you had two tests on same day would be different’. To the point of needing different glasses? He barely looked in both eyes - just so he could say he had looked. I’ve had enough eye checks to know how superficial it was. Tick box.

So now can’t get glasses. Not without forking out for several tests over a couple of weeks or a month to make sure eyes settled enough? And no guarantees. Opticians not going to keep sending lenses back.

I don’t think they will investigate any of these sorts of things because they can’t cope with what they already have to deal with, they can’t cope with dealing with the results of hormonal imbalances, nor do they want to understand it - too complicated. Hard work.

Jacky34 in reply to UrsaP


Coping with dry eyes and mouth:


Available on this website.

UrsaP in reply to Jacky34

Many thanks for the link.

Hi there. Maybe you have the same problem as myself. I have lower lid eyelashes that grow inward towards my eye & causes pain & irritation had them removed at hospital the first time but now with the aid of a high magnify mirror & clean tweezers manage to pluck them out but it's not easy. Hope you get this sorted

Jacky34 in reply to GERY

Tweezers so near the 👁 s?

I could never do it.

Too dangerous. One wrong movement and you’ve accidentally stabbed your eye with a sharp instrument.

Just too painful to pluck even eyelashes.😢


GERY in reply to Jacky34

You are so right it's best to go to optician who will usually take them out for you.

regards gery

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