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A blood wolf moon tonight

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If you're sleepless tonight and like to invest your suffering with a little glamour, why not indulge in a bit of moon worship? A total lunar eclipse is scheduled between about 4 and 6AM Monday morning.


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I heard this on the radio Mike and got all excited too. I’ve taken to waking with huge thirst and chest pain (??) at 5am - so it could be perfect for me to practice some blood curdling howls of amazement, waking both our dogs and neighbours!

And if we sleep through it then that’s cause for some celebration too eh?! X

Definitely worth a peep.

Beautiful picture whisper it, thanks for posting. Wonder if it's reason why tonight our owl was hooting much earlier?. They can sense changes in atmosphere!. X

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Wooohooo! Are you doing the BTO Owl calling survey? They are trying to assess the population of Tawny Owls by getting people to listen for 20 minutes once a week until March. I've been going out since November and only heard one :(

Here's a link if you are interested bto.org/volunteer-surveys/p...

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Thanks so much for info whisper it, didn't know anything about the owl survey. Will definitely do it. Shame you've heard so few!. Do you do the RSPB birdwatch survey?. That's coming up this weekend. It's great doing our bit for wildlife isn't it?. X

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excellent! thanks for the reminder! looking forward to the garden birdwatch. hanging onto every connection to nature we can is so important isnt it? x

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IT really is whisper it!. I expect you've got same problem we have in that , there building so many new houses near us that a lot of wildlife is losing its habitat. !. This is why we're thrilled to hear the owls. It's also great to think about something other than pain , pills and appointments!. Agree?. Enjoy this weekend. X


Have been 🌕 watching each night lately...FOR SURE: truly does make broken sleep A LOT more FUN 😆.

we’re having wonderful frosts here...but i hadn’t heard it’s Blood Moon time though: Glad you posted, THANKS‼️ 🍀❤️🍀❤️

Cloudy at the moment.🌚...will keep a vigil for it ....ml

oh goodie that is roughly the time I lie awake most nights. usually when there is something like this it's cloudy but looks fairly clear at the moment. wolf emoji moon emoji [If you've seen any of my recent posts you will know everyone has been laughing at my attempts to cut and paste emojis, from now on I shall just write it when I want to add emojis.] I will be howling with you all later

🤩 🤗 🐺 🌚 LOVE your text emijo...we all howl together! 🐺 🦊 🐶 OXOX

It’s raining and overcast here. Have to go east of the Cascades if we want to see it but here it is between 8:40-943pm so howling is less exciting and it cuts into my sheet mask time and meditation 😉


Got out of bed at 4.50am to go and investigate only to be welcomed by a sullen blanket of cloud hanging over Swindon :(

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same here :(