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I also have had infection ear eye nose clear liquid,antibiotics not wkraging joint nerve pain lyrics tramadol not workin what to ask for

Also infection,streaming eye ear nose backside,severe nerve pain elbow fingers ankles back if legs eye ear left ear drum ruptured got glue ear as well but pain different level what medication can I ask for now not wait for diagnosis, severe mouth accesses had to go hospital antibiotics not worksd

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Hello again, Burnley1234

I can see that you've posted here a few times in the last months with a catalogue of distressing symptoms. Seems like you've hit some more. I wish I could help, but without some insight into your diagnosis, I can only advise the obvious common sense stuff like seeing your doctor. As far as a more systemic diagnosis goes, the previous suggestions about making a systematic record of your difficulties and presenting them to your rheumy still seem to apply. Here's a link to my reply a few months ago. Hope things improve for you very soon x healthunlocked.com/lupusuk/...


Thanks whisperer diagnosis so far chronic bile malabsorption,diverticula touches,guttate psoriasis,single tear drop,elevated white blood cell for ten years,repeated infections pluerysy,doublepnumonia,full blown,nerve pain elbows fingers both legs ach an flutter for years seizures which or whiteout heart pain,ruptured ear drum glue ear an to top the cake was told in early eighties had spina biffida occulta at Bradford hospital some bit of spine missing this is diagnosed,fast forward twenty five years university hospital London said quote not spina buff Ida but wear an tear arthritis this means it was there at 18 an I'm getting ignored every time I ask been diagnosed osteoarthritus feet an leg plus 100%loss of cartilidge,I'm awaiting my doc send me for he now says highly likely systemic disorder bear in mind this has been years they refused to diagnose ten years ago because of neg ana,mouth abscesses and roof of mouth that bad went to hospital I'm beggining to despair was gonna buy medication I need it now sorry for goin on I appreciate your kind words I feel selfish I guess your not in a great way either so thanksx


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