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Has anyone had cataracts removed with a "Lupus protocol" that alters the follow up in the days after?


I had a pre-op assessment on Friday and am booked to have the first cataract removed on 9 Nov. Very keen on having both done asap as they have grown quite fast.

During the medical check up I handed a list of my meds to the nurse, who immediately asked if I had Lupus. I said I hadn't had much of a description beyond connective fissure disorder and secondary Raynaud's.

All that was no problem, but there is a special protocol post surgery with either different or additional eye drops to add to the regime. I didn't ask what they might be but it's quite comforting that they had a protocol and that the pre-assessment nurse spotted Lupus (or some mixture) just from the meds I take.

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Thanks lupiknits,

It's good to hear about this, as I have had slowly progressing cataracts for years. Will mention it to my optometrist when I see him next.

Good luck to you ! xxxx

Lupiknits in reply to whisperit

Thanks. My cataracts were very small and over the last year I had what I thought was a need for a new prescription. No, it's the cataracts which have blossomed. I was teasing my brother, who is 3yrs older for being an old man when he had his done earlier this year. Jokes on me now!

He can't believe how good his vision is: what he thought was a dark corner in the house isn't!

Please have your ophthalmologist check for a condition called Fuchs Dystrophy. It is easily seen with their machines. My mom had one cataract done and THEN they figured out she has this disease (turns out me too). If they would have noticed it beforehand she wouldn't need a second surgery to fix the Fuchs. The 2nd surgery is actually a transplant of her epithelial tissue that is on the backside of the cornea.

Lupiknits in reply to 777dove

Thank you. I certainly shall

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