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Lupus results totally confused!

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I am totally confused with these recent results!:

Positive DRVVT and SCT in October 2017 with borderline CT result in November 2016. On repeat in January 2018 the DRVVT was positive but the SCT was negative. A more recent one in July showed that DRVVT was negative but had a positive Lupus anticoagulant by SCT.

Can anyone help at all?

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Lupus anticoagulant is nothing to do with Lupus/SLE. (I know it is a very misleading name).

It is to do with a clotting disorder called Hughes Syndrome/"sticky blood"/APS.

You would be better posting this on the "sticky blood"/ Hughes syndrome forum here on health unlocked. They are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Their website is:

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