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Is there a lupus period connection?

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Firstly, I have not yet ( and hopefully won’t ) got a diagnosis of lupus, but an urgent referral has been made. Secondly, is there any connection between lupus and periods? I ask as my period had stopped for over three months only to raise its ugly head yesterday. But along with the usual period pain my joint pain has increased at least ten fold, so much so I can not walk up and down stairs as my knees are so bad ..... I going down on my bum!

Does anyone else experience a change in their symptoms? ...... oh and I am just edging into perimenopause ( the delights of being a women!!)

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Hi there! Sorry to hear you're suffering. Autoimmunity - especially lupus - is part hormonal, 90% of people with SLE are women, though none of my doctors connected my period pain and heavy bleeding with SLE (what do they know 🤡🤡🤡). Now sorted with HRT - perimenopause can trigger lupus. Lupus UK has a poster showing parts of the body that can be affected: dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia (medical terms for monthly hell!) are included.

Let us know how you go! Be well xxx 💪

Yes definitely. I'm being investigated for hormonal problems alongside the Lupus (privately of course, because dealing with women's issues are not on the bureaucratic checklist). All connected to the HPA axis too.

Yes, I strongly believe there is a connection between periods and lupus activity. I experience it every month. The bone pain and walking is very difficult to deal with those times. I wish you a quick recovery. L

Definitely yes in my case. I never had any problems with periods until I became perimenopausal..then everything went chaotic..I won't give too much information except that I bled so much that I became anaemic..and my periods were so painful and heavy that I became really weak. I was referred to gynae as an urgent appt n they screened me for cancer because I had a 'significant' lump in my womb area..all was well I'm happy to say n they put me on progesterone which interrupted this cycle. At the same time I had major problems with my feet and was referred to dermatology where I eventually got lupus diagnosis..I have SCLE. I can say that with the combination of the hormones and hydroxychloroquine my cycle has been interrupted enough that I'm now in the menopause n things are going normally in that dept.

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Hi Arcus13,

It is common for lupus activity to be related to the menstrual cycle. Therefore symptoms can flare up during and around the time of the period.

According to The Lupus Encyclopedia, it is not uncommon for women who have SLE to have irregular menstrual cycles. When SLE is less active, menstrual cycles generally tend to be more normal.

If you haven't already, you can read our blog article on 'pain management' at

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