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Campaign for Access to Specialist Lupus Care for People Living with Lupus in Pembs, Wales


1714 signatures now, which is great but we still need more.

Have you all signed?

Thank you

Wendy xx

12 Replies

Signed and shared 👍

Wendy39 in reply to Foggyme

Thank you very much! That’s fantastic. x

Foggyme in reply to Wendy39

Hi Wendy 39. When I read the petition just couldn't believe that specialist services for those with lupus (and all autoimmune conditions) isn't available already. put it mildly.

Well done for starting the petition. Will watch progress with interest 🤔😀.

Signed, shared and will keep sharing.

Wendy39 in reply to happytulip

Thank you! Much appreciated! 😘

happytulip in reply to Wendy39

They'll be more, just want to talk to people face to face first. Once they hear the gravity of the situation from the recent story you posted. I shudder to think. Could have been any of us. I almost moved to Wales a few years prior to my diagnosis.

😍👌👍 Yes Indeed I Have 🍀🤞🍀🤞😘

Wendy39 in reply to Barnclown

Thank you lovely! 😘

How many do you need and what happens when you get them?

Would it be an idea to post the petition on the myosytis uk and NRAS pages?

Dear Wendy, Further to our previous correspondence, I have recently sent you a further request clarifying permission for your quote for my book, actually on Thursday last week. I am just checking that you received it? Hopefully you are alright? With very best regards, Lily77 (Karen D-M).

Wendy39 in reply to Lily77

Just emailed you my permission. I am sorry. Hectic weekend. I hope I haven't held you up. x

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