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Hydroxychloroquine question!

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask a quick Hydroxychloroquine question. I take two 200mg tablets a day, and today I realised I’ve nearly run out. I called the pharmacy for my repeat and they said it may take longer than the usual 48 hours because of the bank holiday we’ve just had, which would mean if it does take longer I would have run out by the time it may be ready.

I’m so annoyed with myself as I’ve been so busy and stressed I didn’t notice that I’m nearly out.

Will it matter if I don’t take it for a few days?


Sophie x

19 Replies
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The exact same thing has happened to me this month but I contacted my GP who has issued a script albeit with a lecture. Maybe because I did the same thing about 3 or 4 months ago but didn't realise until Friday evening so had 2 nights of not taking any meds. Although I wouldn't advocate not taking meds at regular intervals, it certainly made no difference to me.

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Makimon in reply to CarolMcl

It’s so hard keeping up to date with prescriptions isn’t it! I should really set myself a reminder but I always forget. Hopefully not taking it for a couple of days won’t hurt, although I’d prefer not to!

That’s good that your gp issued it. I should probably call the pharmacy again tomorrow just to say I really do need it for Friday. Although I called in the right timeframe, whether they will do it or not I’m not sure!

It doesn’t help that they only give me one months supply when the rest of my prescriptions are every two months!

Thanks for your reply!


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CarolMcl in reply to Makimon

I'm the same, always get one month supply. If the pharmacy can't get the script maybe they can issue you a couple of tablets to tide you over?? My pharmacy has done that before when it's a regular medication x

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Makimon in reply to CarolMcl

I’ll call them tomorrow to see if they can do it within the 48 hour timeframe. I’m really hoping they will! It’s my birthday on Friday and I don’t really want to spend it chasing my prescription lol! X

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CarolMcl in reply to Makimon

Here's hoping. Have a lovely birthday x

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Would you have enough if you took one a day instead of two? If so may be better doing that than having a couple of days without.

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Makimon in reply to GloomyEeyore

I think I have 3-4 tablets left, so I could do that until Friday afternoon unless it’ll take them longer. They said it could possibly be Monday, so I’m a bit worried as I’ll definitely run out which I don’t want to happen!

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GloomyEeyore in reply to Makimon

What about halving the tablets? I don’t think stopping for a couple of days would do any harm but half a tablet would be 100mg a day instead of nothing.

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Hi Makimon. If you are unable to obtain extra meds for holiday ask the GP IF you could drop to one a day to tie you over.

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Hydroxy stays in your body for quite some time so I don’t think missing a couple of days would be too problematic. Good idea to halve your dose until the new tablets arrive. But can you ask your doctor to issue more than a month’s supply? I get 120 tablets at a time then mark on my calendar when I’ll run out.

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I would definitely half the dose. In the future maybe order your scripts a couple of days early for a few months. Then you have a few extras in case of emergency!

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Why dont you ask for a blister pack then you will know when you are running out. That's what I am doing

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On two occasions, I miscalculated how many pills I had before a repeat prescription. The pharmacy can use their discretion for a vital medicine and forward you a few in advance of your prescription being processed. I have had to be bold face and request a few pills to see me over, the receptionist spoke to the pharmacist and that was fine and I go it immediately.

In an emergency like this, a repeat prescription via the GP is quicker. It can be sent directly to your appointed pharmacy. I would not mess with my dosage. It is best to enlist appropriate help.

Done the same went to make appt receptionists said no appt required she'll get gp to write one done asap. Take care.

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Panic over! I called the pharmacy to say I was running seriously low on my tablets and that I couldn’t wait until Monday to collect them and they’re already in! I’ll go later on today to collect them as it’s my 30th birthday tomorrow and would rather be having fun instead of chasing the pharmacy!

I’ll try not to do this again but I did request them in the 48hr guideline for repeats. But I must admit that I am struggling to keep on top of all of my meds as they all renew at different times!

I’m on MTX now too and trying to cope with all the blood tests and prescriptions for that is difficult enough on its own!

Wish this illness wasn’t such a full time job!

Thank you for all of your advice


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It has a 50 day half life so missing a few days your body won’t even notice it. We all get busy with life and become forgetful. Don’t be too hard on yourself. My best, Nan

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I quite often forget mine or I'm feeling queasy so don't take them. I try to take two a day but over a week probably miss 3 or 4. I think taking one a day until you got the new supply is really good advice. Glad you got some in the end x

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It wont make a big deal but try not to happen again our life depends on doing the right treatment always.....

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This post is old, but it doesn’t matter if we miss a little bit because it is a build up in our system.

I pray you were over 5 foot seven because you were taking a 5 foot seven dosage.

If you are 5.6 1/2 in height down to 5.0 1/2 inches = 300 mg

Lesson 5 feet equals 200 mg - 1 pill


Stress this so much because I have friends that have lost their Paris feel vision due to excessive hydroxychloroquine on in their system for five or more years living with Lupus and on the drug .

Is a great drug for Lupus, we just have to take it according to our height, not weight.

More is Not better, if your body cannot absorb it correctly, it becomes toxic .

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