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The symptoms stuff


So I've a very important question about Lupus symptoms,when you started having them did they stay with you for a time,but some days they just keep calm for a time or a day??

I've been searching and I've got many symptoms that go perfectly with Lupus and also my family has story with this disease,the thing is that idk if I should go to take tests because sometimes they just go away or I don't feel so bad,if I go and test turn out to say I do not have Lupus,but I do and some time later I come back and turns out to be worst idk if I'd be able to face it.

What's your story with the symptoms of Lupus?How much time did you waited 'till you got your tests?😥

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Yes they do come n go, but never completely leave. 2002 or 3 is when I was diagnosed (discoid lupus, muscle aches, stomach problems, fatigue, 2008 diagnosed w pulmonary fibrosis) and it’s all gotten worse over the years. I’m going to be 81 in October so naturally I’m getting more fatigue. Only take the drugs that make you feel better! Stay alert n don’t give in to your body unnecessarily. Keep on keeping on...God Bless!

Thank you for answering,you're a true fighter I wish you the best!


Hi MiriamGallego,

What you are describing sounds like ‘remission’. People with lupus can experience periods of remission whereby their lupus is controlled and they feel relatively better; reducing the signs of their symptoms. Periods of remission vary from person to person.

When disease activity is higher in the body people are likely to experience prominent symptoms. Being tested for lupus when signs and symptoms are more apparent is ideal. Read our blog article to find out what tests and criteria are needed in order make a diagnosis of lupus -

I do encourage you to be tested for lupus as this can help provide some clarity as to what may be causing your symptoms.

Please keep us updated.

Thank you so much for this information,it has helped me a lot!😊

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