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what do the points mean

i had a med doctor that called out to me on tues for DLA. i had a glance at the paper work she was filling out and seen the numbers 3s and 2s beside hips knees feet ankles ect would any1 be able to tell me what the numbers mean. she didnt ask to look around and onli asked me to touch my toes.....i ended up in hospital that nite due to pains in my legs and txt her telling her i went into hospital to see if i had to tell er of DLA them self.....she replied the form covered all that and that sshe wrote that my moblity poor due to pains......plz help

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I don't know to much,but you have to have so many point to fit the criteria for DVL


Sorry i don't know how they work out the awards/points for the eligibility for this benefit. the form does need to be more user friendly and to cover all illnesses and conditions!


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