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Has anyone had photosensitive testing done to help in a diagnosis?


I feel like I’m being pulled from pillow to post, and all I need right now is someone to help!!!!! My bloods are always normal which is not helping. So now I’ve got to wait for a yet another referral for this testing. Deep down inside I feel this is a big fat waste of time and is stringing out my chance of a diagnosis even longer!!!!

Maybe there is a method to this. If you have any experiences please could you share. Thank you

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What is this? Never heard of it!

Lisalou19 in reply to Stm252

Apparently they test your skin reaction under different levels of uv light. I think it’s just a cop out but as I’ve never heard of it thought I’d do some research and I can not find an awful lot 😡. I’ve had nearly every allergy test under the sun, now this bright idea 🙄 I’m not a doctor but this is just stringing it all out

I had the"natural" photosensitive test..RASH from the sun!! But it was how I was Dx'd..I asked for a biopsy of the rash so I might know what the rash REALLY is...so many wrong rash DX's over the years

I asked for a skin biopsy but that was ignored 🙄. Feels like I’m being ignored all the time . So you was diagnosis from natural light test?

No, I can see why you thought I was DX'd with the test you are going to do...I meant the sun caused my rash and my Biopsy was a HUGE part of getting DX'd...blood work also of course...I wish your dr agreed to a biopsy.....I had a dr ignore me when I went with a brown spot on my arm..finally I INSISTED that I have a biopsy...yep Melanoma in situ(non invasive)....so when my rashes came along and different drs said different causes..I said BIOPSY ... came back discoid lupus...even though it behaves more like subacute lupus Good Luck Lisalou19

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