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Hydroxychloroquine and throbbing veins?


I have been on a low dose of hydroxy for a few weeks now and have noticed a lot of throbbing and pulsing veins in my arms and legs. I have experienced this before but now it's every day.

It feels like the blood is pulsing in my veins and if I look you can see the vein pulsing through my skin.

Has anyone also experienced weird chest sensations whilst on hydroxy?

Thank you so much, would love to know anyone's experiences.

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Hi. I've been on HCQ for some time; I don't know if it does any good, but I can't say I've experienced anything such as you've described. However, I do sometimes get a strange "whooshing" sensation in my head - don't know if that counts - could just be my remaining brain cell trying to come to life!


I have been on hydroxyQ for 7+ yrs and I can't say that I have ever had what you are describing. I have only had the pulsating in veins when my BP was high during relapses.....it was a symptom.Have you checked your blood pressure?

It felt like electricity running through my veins!!

The second episode wouldn't subside so I am on low dose blood pressure meds now and this symptom has stopped. So has the dredded sweating episodes😓.

Hope you find an answer.

Does not hurt to check that blood pressure though😉.

Good luck!



I’ve been on Hydroxychloroquine since December. About a month in I had chest pain, light-headedness, and sometimes whooshing in my ears. My GP ordered an echocardiogram and everything looked fine.

Soon after, all those symptoms disappeared. I hope that happens for you.

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Hi. Thank you that's good one know. I'm going out talk to my gp this week.

It's also making me feel very tired and a bit grim sometimes - headache and soreness. I'm getting the full spectrum of side effects it seems! Any idea whether these might subside?

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