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Newly diagnosed with SLE

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My name is Mia. I'm 21 years old, and I've just been diagnosed with SLE. I live in Kent and have a close family and friend network around me. As I'm new to lupus I'd appreciate any support anyone can give!

Many Thanks

Mia 🦋

10 Replies
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Welcome Mia,

Hope you'll find this a supportive and helpful place; for me, it's been a lifeline! Look forward to learning from your thoughts and experiences x

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Hiya Mia_Alicia ,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK Community Forum. I hope that you find this a helpful place for information and support. It's great that you have a close family and friend network. Have you found that they have been quite understanding of your lupus?

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Hello Mia_Alicia :)

Welcome :) I am the same age as you, hope you get info from your doctors and booklets but yeah any questions we'll be happy to help :D

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Hi Mia,

I’m in a very similar situation to you! I’m also 21 and have just recently been diagnosed with SLE! It would be interesting to see if we have any similar symptoms!

Molly ☺️

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Mia_Alicia in reply to mollyaimee

Hi Molly

Currently I suffer with extreme fatigue, back pain, joint pain, kidney problems, vitamin D, B12 and iron deficiency and anemia.

What are your symptoms?

Mia xx

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Hi Mia,

I had on and off joint pains for 2 years, then a viral infection triggered constant joint pains and fatigue! I’m sorry it’s affecting your kidneys etc! Are you on any medication so far?

Molly x

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Mia_Alicia in reply to mollyaimee

I've had kidney trouble for 4 years! Only recently put it down to lupus. Not yet I'm awaiting a final blood test then after that they are going to arrange a treatment plan for me.

Mia x

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At least you finally have a bit of an answer now! Hopefully they can find a good treatment plan for you! X

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Thank you! So do I. X

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Hi Mia_Alicia,

Welcome to the group! Sorry to hear you've become a Lupie like most of us here but this forum has been an amazing support for me since I started treatment for my condition.

I really glad you have a strong family and friendship support group around you, it helps massively. Sending you a hug and wishing you the best. Take care hun xx

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