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Eating Problems


I've realised when I'm sick or when the rain is about to fall I find it very hard to eat.

When I do eat and feel extremely full, I have the urge to puke and then I when I do I feel better.

When I've gone to the doctors, trying to explain how I've felt they keep not assessing me properly and now I'm so tired of it.

Is there anyone who faces similar problems?

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I have actually found that if I am ever physically sick, it's generally my body trying to expel something it doesn't want.

I can't really comment on this being linked to when it is about to rain though. However wet damp weather makes me feel cold and uncomfortable. And my raynauds symptoms seem to be more prevalent and I am more inclined to be achy.

I am more likely to suffer symptoms from a cold when it's damp. Maybe you have a virus that has not completely cleared that acts up more in bad weather and causes you to be sick.

Are you taking any medications that could have these side effects? I was taking Omezprazole for years and suddenly lost a lot of weight and had no appetite, was tested for everything and finally it was narrowed down to this medication and its side effects. (Apparently it is not to be taken over long periods of time). Just a thought.

I always feel very strange when it is about to rain. I have to be very careful what I eat at that time if anything.

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