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Hi. Not posted in a while. I've been on mycophenolate since July. Rhumotologist is going try and take me off them at the end of the month. I'm hoping I can do without them. I'm also on hydroxychoroquine (maximum dose I can have for my weight). Long story short I have had a terrible 7 months I've been very anxious. My nephew died (20 months old) and my dad had a heart attack (alcoholic), mum had a breast cancer scare and my aunty has terminal cancer. I think the mycophenolate is what has held off any major flare. I've not taken my medication a couple of times on various days, hoping to not need it. I've felt a little tired and inflamed, this period my legs were really painful and feet burning. I've not had that in a while. I was hoping that maybe I didn't have any form of auto immune disease and maybe a vitamin b12 deficiency (not tested) and just the hyper mobility. I'm going to try probiotics. I've bought some and the pharmacy said its ok to take with the tablets I'm on, has anyone taken both or been successful in managing without medication? I've started kickboxing which I think has helped my anxiety but can't do one of the sessions as I ended up sleeping all weekend so avoiding that particular session. Many thanks

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Have you been diagnosed with lupus .

nutler in reply to Buffy14

I have hyper mobility and connective tissue disease (probable lupus) was told by the rhumotologist I wouldn't get a full diagnosis unless it affected my kidneys or lungs.

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