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Kidney testing

Not sure if I feel asked this but please can you advise.

I have high dsDNA and ANA. My doctor GP says I have lupus.

I am worried about kidney health as I aget a lot of aching ,pain in one side often

At night I’ve started having to wee 3 times on many occasions, having in the past it would be once . The kidney function test my GP did some time ago is good.

Can anyone tell me if that blood test is relevant or should I consult and ask for. More specific test Thanks

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Hello Gcart

It looks like you asked a very similar question a few moths ago? I can't improve on Paul's answer - here's the thread if you have lost track (easily done, I know :) )



Thank you I couldn't find my last post. I get mixed up some times.

And forget thanks

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Have you seen a rhematologist yet ? If you have lupus they will check your kidneys you won't need to ask for specific tests , they will check your urine for blood and protein and if these are present they will probably do a kidney biopsy which is nothing to worry about .


Thsnkd. I need to get referred


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