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Muscle spasms in legs

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Ive had lupus and sjogrens for over 12 years l have been getting very painful muscle spasms in my legs it started 2 weeks ago with pins and needles im also getting stabbing pains in head and body. These symptoms are new to me and im worried sick l may now have ms as well. Any one else get this?

5 Replies
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Hi Kingsnorth,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing a lot of pain at the moment, have you spoken to your GP/rheumatologist about this?

If in doubt it is always worth speaking to your doctor to ensure you receive the correct advice and treatment. Also, your doctor can refer you to a specialist if needed.

To read our blog article on ‘pain management’, click here:

Lupus presents differently in everybody therefore, it is unlikely for two people to share the exact same experience. It is important to remember that people with lupus can experience periods of remission whereby their lupus is controlled; reducing their signs and symptoms.

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust’s website provides a detailed overview of MS which you can view here

Please let us know how you get on, wishing you all the best.

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Really sorry to hear you've got so many worries and pain. I do think you should see doctor and tell them what's going on.

I do know a good excersice for leg cramps to prevent and hopefully stop the spasm. Stand as far away from a wall as you can that will still allow you to lean into it with your arms and keep heels down on the floor. Stretch and gently bounce so the leg muscles are a bit taut. This has worked for me and just spoke to the doctor for my daughter's legs and she said that's a great excersice for the legs. Don't over do it, just gentle stretching. Maybe you know this already, but it's something you can do while your waiting to see doctor.

I've suffered with leg and other spasms ever since I can remember and it does help me. Hope it helps!

Good Luck 🌻🌼🌞

I get muscle spasms, twitches, stabbing pains and other MS-like symptoms as part of Sjögren’s. As you have Sjögren’s it could be that this is the more active disease for you I’m guessing. Hope you can see a neurologist soon. Meanwhile this link may help:

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Morning Twitchytoes just an update on my ms like symptoms. Pins and needles in feet and legs lots of muscle spasms and body jerks. I saw a neourolgist on Tues l saw him privately as NHS appointment still not through. After usual neuro exam he thinks its unlikely to be ms. So still no answers im now waiting for MRl. Things havent improved x

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Thank you all. I do think that my sjogrens is active although ive had it for many years it hasnt really caused me any problems apart from dry eyes occasionally. Over the last few months ive had to use eye drops at least every half hours and lots of other symptoms. When l was diagnosed with it years ago sjogrens was always regarded as just a nuisance but many years on ive discovered how serious and distructive it can be. I took a gabepentin last night and although no pain my body was jumping all over the place.

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