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Hashimoto and Malar Rash

Hashimoto and Malar Rash


I’ve been referred to rheumatology at Huddersfield for suspected Lupus but have to wait until 30th April for my appointment. My blood came back ANA negative for Lupus but enabled a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and my GP has put me on Levthyroxine. Despite the negative ANA - he still believes that there is something else going on as my symptoms don’t all fit with Hashimoto.

I wonder if this sounds like Lupus to the forum - malar rash for several weeks now which gets worse when I’m outside, scalp and back of neck psoriasis, rashes across my chest, history of UTIs, depression, IBS and autoimmune thrombocytopenia, recurrent severe pain in the lower abdomen and kidneys, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, swelling and moderate pain in my fingers, wrists, elbows and left knee, shooting pains and tingling, sudden and unexpected swelling of my abdomen, recurrent flu-like illness with no cold symptoms just a high temperature and muscle/ joint pains, and I am exhausted all the time - falling asleep in meetings and in the evenings for short periods but then awake all night.

I’m very worried about everything at the moment and how it’s affecting my work. Are these symptoms Hashimotos that can be controlled with thyroxine or are there multiple autoimmune issues at work here?

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Hi Icebeaver,

I'm afraid that we are not medically qualified here so I couldn't say whether these symptoms could all be explained by your Hashimotos, of if there could be something else causing them too. You have described a number of common symptoms in lupus, but they are not exclusive to the condition. Whilst it is rare for someone with a negative ANA to have lupus, it can also be possible.

We have a blog article about getting a diagnosis of lupus which has a lot of information and advice that you may find helpful -

Good luck with your rheumatology appointment. If you need any advice about preparing for it, you may also find this article helpful -

Keep us updated about how you are getting on.

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Thank you, Paul. I will have a read through your links and let you know how I get on.


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