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Gastroscope with stomach full

Hi all,

I'm due a gastroscope next week but previous tests show my stomach doesn't empty properly (possibly due to schloderma). I'm very nervous about the test as I have a phobia of being sick and am worried a finding of a full stomach will potentially make me vomit -- has anyone ever had this test when they have a full stomach and if so did it make you sick?

Thank you

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When I had one I followed the instructions on fasting, but added a couple of extra hours. I have slow gastric emptying, too. There was food still in my stomach, but it didn't make me vomit. Can you manage something light and soft before you fast? Now that I know, I'd do this.

You'll find that they do their best to prevent any gagging or vomiting, and to relax you. I know that isn't easy! I hope it goes well.

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Hi, I had one a couple of years ago, have the same problem with slow gastric emptying. I had the throat numbing spray & although I'd left several hours before the test, I did experience some vomiting.

Honestly, this was not particularly a problem since - as Lupiknis pointed out - they really do their best to make you comfortable & everything is suctioned out.

I hope it goes as easily as possible & that you don't worry too much beforehand xx


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