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My right knee is cold after a bike fall

4 days ago i was biking in the park and had a accident in which i fell-down of my bike into concrete, my right arm's elbow is scraped and i banged my knee on the concrete


I did made progress, in the first day i couldn't even walk and its structure was bruised; second day there was less bruising but i could already walk; yesterday the bruising is less and but still exists; now today i made a 4 km walk normal slow pace some minor bruising and every climb was a bit annoying but what made me scared is the fact that i have a strange coldness in my right knee so i don't know if i hit a nerve, or torn or sprain the acl (i can bent the leg 90 degrees so it cant be acl torn or sprain?), i'm a 24 male and i love cycling so i try to keep myself active as possible but i'm kinda scared that i might damaged something irreversibly.

If someone could help me out i would appreciate it :)

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You needed to get checked out by a doctor just in case you have damaged something.

I had a bad fall in July, when I tripped over an 8inch Kerb and nose dived onto concrete. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything but I damaged my knee and damaged my rotator cuff in my shoulder.

I had my knee x-rayed a week later as it wasn’t right and very swollen (the synovial fluid from the joint had leaked into the leg), nothing was broken, the bruising was terrible, the whole of my leg was black. I was told I had badly damaged the nerve endings and they take ages to heal. My knee has no feeling and is cold, 6 months later the feeling is starting to return.

Best to get it checked out and I was told to rest it as it helps the healing process.

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