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Liver enzyme levels


My Husband has Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder and also cardio issues. At present he is suffering badly from Raynauds, he doesn’t really function very well outside and our home is warmer than Barbados! ( unless it’s me and hot flushes).

The rheumatologist would only suggest azathioprine but won’t prescribe it because his liver enzymes are too high. He came off methotrexate in the autumn and now told to stop taking leflunomide. So now he’s only on hydroxychloroquine, along with some heart drugs. His liver enzymes are still high ( will they go down?) .

Question, we’re worried his joint pain will now kick in in earnest. Are there any drugs that don’t effect the liver? Secondly any suggestions on how to deal with the Raynauds? ( apart from gloves etc). Feel frustrated, you wait for gp appointment, then blood test appointments, then blood test , then the gp, then the rhemy referral, then gp and then it all starts again . It will be summer before they decide on anything.

Any ideas?

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Hi Pop007,

Many drugs are synthesised by the liver I'm afraid. Has your husband's doctor suggested why his liver enzymes may be high at the moment? Do they expect them to normalise? I'm afraid as we are not medically qualified we cannot advise you about what other treatments may be suitable for your husband.

We do have a blog article about coping with Raynaud's which has lots of helpful information and advice though -


They think it’s the medication that’s causing the problem. He’s had a scan of his liver and it looks fine


Hi my wife is always worrying too I have MCTD and rainods and sun sensitivity the rainods has been bad but I have been put on blood pressure tabs and this has helped slightly normally I will get headaches followed 1 to 2 weeks later by the joint muscle pain the methatrexate helped a lot but I’ve had to have a 12 month break from it so only on the hydroxy it been quiet bad recently with hand pain and fatigue but believe me I don’t know what I would do without my wife I owe her a lot


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