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Itchy tender scalp

Hi for last few weeks I've found my scalp has been really itchy as well as tender to touch. I don't know what the cause is unless its because I used a box hair dye a week before Xmas .I've used the make before, its just a different colour .I feel my scalp needs moisturising or an oil rubbed in. Never experienced this before and it hasn't happened with any hair dyes either.

Anyone have any suggestions what I could use ? My hair feels really dry too for some reason .I live in England

Many thanks xx

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You never have an allergic reaction the first time your body meets a substance - it can happen the second time or the thousand and second time. That's why it says on the instructions to ALWAYS do a patch test, usually on the inside of your elbow, before doing your whole head. No-one does of course, even the average hairdresser - but it is always a good idea as the ingredients may be different from the last time anyway.

Don't know what you can try to moisturise your scalp - maybe ask a hairdresser or the pharmacist?


I went through that...I think it was when I first started taking Hydroxycholoquine last September...I do not dye my is a lot drier than it used to be

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Hi Englishrose67,

Have you spoken to your GP or rheumatologist about this?

Exposure to certain chemicals can have the potential to trigger a flare in lupus, so it is often advised to be cautious when considering using products such as dyes or colourants. Speaking to your GP or rheumatologist about the use of hair dyes can allow him/her to refer you to a dermatologist who can advise you on the most appropriate types of hair products to use according to your skin. We published a factsheet on ‘LUPUS: The Skin and Hair’ which may be of interest to you:

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Since commenting my scalp has been don't know what caused it.thankyou for any comments.

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