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Hiv symptoms

Unprotected anal sex with homosexual after that i feel hot mostly on neck and back all the time generally in day time,swollen lymp nodes,sore throat,cold coming and go is this hiv symptoms

Itested 6 time hiv antibodies test all came negative and 1 pcr test that is not detected

Dr dont say anything what i do i dont understand i am very depressed

Please any one help me

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Hello saifkk,

For what it's worth, your symptoms sound typical of pretty much any acute infection. If, as you say, you have been tested for HIV antibodies and had the PCR test, and if these have been conducted in line with protocols, then it would seem unlikely that you have contracted HIV. But I am in no position to give a reliable opinion. You can only get an answer to your question from a medical specialist who has the details of your medical history in front of her/him.


But dr. Dont say anything abt me they say antibody test is negative so u dont have hiv

But what abt my symptom ?


As I say, the symptoms you mention could be caused by any one of a large number of infections. I'm afraid no-one here or anywhere else on the internet can have any way of knowing which it might be. Sorry - and hope you are soon feeling well.


If you're worried about STDs the best thing to do is make an appointment at your local sexual health clinic and maybe see someone different if thats where you went for your HIV tests. If you're feeling really rough see a GP, you don't have to see the same one you're registered to. Sounds like you've scared yourself stupid by being careless, so always make sure you're booted & suited next time!! Might not be the same but don't play Russian Roulette with your life.


Thanx for reply i already test for stds hepb and c &hiv test all came back negative but i have symptoms which relate hiv

Dr dont say anything abt me this is big problem i met almost 5to 8 doctors

Its been 5 month from my exposure

Now i am taking antidepressants medicine i am feeling a little well

Thanx again for writing


I noticed that you only joined the forum today and I do wonder if you realise that you are in a forum here for lupus and not for HIV? Lupus is an autoimmune disease and is not the same as the immune deficiency seen in HIV: in HIV the immune system becomes underactive whereas with lupus, the immune system is overactive.

As others have pointed out, you really do need to go back to your doctor to get them to investigate the underlying cause of your symptoms which may be something quite different to what you think. Hope you feel better soon .


Thanz for reply

I am here for hiv

I have hiv symptoms but my antibody test are negative,i am 99% sure it a virus. dr. Dont say anything abt me

I am from india where technology is not good

I posted here bcoz i could get help from anyone from the world


Hi, I agree with SjogiBear and others here. You could benefit from websites about HIV. I wish you feel better soon!


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