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Constant breathlessness & Sweating

I've had Lupus for 23yrs i & everythin else that goes with Lupus. However since April 2017 i'm breathless & sweat pouring out me hair clothes everything's soaking. They have checked my Thyroid checked for C.O.P.D & everything has come bk clear? I've been waiting 11 weeks now since my G.P. Faxed the letter to hospital for C.T Scan'

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Call your GP back and don't stop Doctor bothering until you get some help. Literally phone bomb them. If that doesn't work - turn up at the practice.

If that doesn't work, go to a 'large' hospital Emergency center and see if they can help you faster. SLE patients need a TEAM of specialists to help us. A hospital is sometimes the best place to find that team when things get bad.

It wouldn't hurt to try at least. If one ER spits you out - try another.

People like us need a super specialist. Unfortunately we have to settle for referral after referral which in some circumstances takes too long.

Try anything to speed up the process - no matter how dramatic is seems.



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