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Waiting 😡


Got a call saying I need to make a doctors appointment to discuss my blood test I had a few weeks back. I made an appointment for tonight at 4:50pm . It said the doctor was running late. Some lady and her son went it, who had came way after me. I asked at the reception and the doctor had completed skipped over me ! I was like great cheers 😂 . An hour I won’t get back. Meant to be washing my hair later as well , we’re see if that happens.

So anyway go into the doctor he goes why you hear . I said I was told to make appointment . After a while he worked out it might have to of been to do with my bloods and that my protein and something was high . He said just book a blood test for 3 months . So gonna do it for March so I can get my hospital blood test done at the same time to avoid 2 blood test .

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I'd get the blood test your GP prescribed now LL.....the result may need some treatment.

LouLamb in reply to AgedCrone

He said to do it in 3 months time , so that 3 months time one can be used for my hospital bloods as well and just add on LFTs

AgedCrone in reply to LouLamb

Sorry LL...must have been half asleep when I read your post! That's good sign...can't be anything urgent.

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