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Bone pains in Calf and elbow

My wife who has recently been diagnosed with lupus has gradually developed severe pains in calf and arms. It is a deep,into the bone pain, severe 8-9 and comes and goes without any known cause. She is on hydroxy and gaberpentine and has naproxen in reserve but hates taking it because in triggers her asthma.

Does anybody else have this and any idea of the cause please ?

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Hi jimbo1605, I'm sorry your wife is going through this and I hope she can work with her GP and consultant to find a solution. I have been experiencing the same thing and the pain keeps me awake at night. I am seeing my consultant at the end of the month and my GP is trying different approaches to help until then. I wonder if your wife has been tested for vitamin D deficiency? I am severely deficient and a symptom of severe deficiency is bone pain. Following a 7 week high dose course prescribed by the consultant, I have now moved to a daily supplement tablet and am hoping this may improve things - the pain does seem to have become less severe. Keeping warm also helps. My GP did stop hydroxy for 2 weeks to see if the pain went but my other symptoms got worse so it was better to keep taking it. I do hope she finds a solution.


Hi, sorry to hear about your wife.

I have had in the beginning lower leg bone pain, now it can be any part of the leg or groin area. Sometimes it’s like nerve pain.I have only recently been diagnosed with Lupus too.



I am sorry to hear your wife is in pain.

I get bone pain, it comes and goes and it’s rather horrible. I would ask to have her vit D levels checked as this can definitely affect the bone pain in my experience.

I hope she feels better soon xx


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