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What’s with the random symptoms that pop up?

Perplexed to say the least.

Was feeling a bit better on minimal activity as I have had to give in and not go to work. However yesterday my right arm suddenly swelled and I started with wrist, elbow and joint pain and muscular stabbing pains. And it’s hot. At least it’s stopped twitching! But still goes numb over night.

Though I’ve also developed a tremor now too.

Followed the advice on here about listing symptoms in order of how much they affect me. It was a startling long list- I feel like a hypochondriac.

Back off to Drs, to see what they say. I’m currently only taking ibuprofens and paracetamol and loads of vitamin supplements as I have no diagnosis.

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It sounds like you are going through a lot but unfortunately without a diagnosis your kind of like most of the others on this site. Going crazy not knowing how to cope with what you do have. I wish you luck with your diagnosis. I had the same symptoms except for the tremors. One day it would be my shoulder, the next my knee, a whole 2 years with a finger the size of a hot dog. My bloods showed SLE on the first try but it took a few years for someone to believe my symptoms and do some tests on me. (Not just looking for attention).

I've always found I feel better moving around, it's when I do nothing that my joints swell more and would spasm. These symptoms do improved once they get you on the right meds. There is hope. Try some gentle yoga stretches and breathing to relax your already stressed body. Stress is the worst thing for your body and sometimes once the stressor is removed the symptoms go with it.

Take care.

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Thanks Roanna

I do find some gentle excerices help and I’m trying not to spend as much time lying down to keep my ciiculation going.

Stress unavoidable - I’m a head teacher in challenging school awaiting Ofsted. Love it though and feel bereft not going in. Today my arm is better but I’ve not got a rash on my forehead and my headaches are back. I wanted a ‘doing’ day today but will have to listen to my body.

GP yesterday told me it was my depression ‘making me feel ill’ he would not listen when I told him I wasn’t depressed ( I have a 30 yr + history of depression and absolutely know when I am or am not)

Goodness it’s hard to feel positive feeling like this though. Right a good book and Riverdale should sort me out.

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