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The Jpurney To The Wolf

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The Short version of this is that I tried drawing this wolf (1st picture). On the first try, It came out terrible, but I tried again. The second one was better but still not what I wanted. I almost gave up but then, I tried one last time. I erased, drew, erased and finessed until I had something that satisfied me. It's definitely not the picture that I attempted to draw but it's a beautiful wolf (to me, lol!).

God, spoke to me. He reminded me of my struggles in life and the struggles with my health. I had a certain picture of my life, and tragedies and my health issues gave me a life that I felt was ugly and not worth living. However, even though my life isn't what I expected, it's still a LIFE, and although it's different than I imagined, IT'S STILL A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

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I keep thinking I should take up drawing....thank you for the extra push x

What an amazing picture

Great drawing and what a wonderful post.....thanks John

That is beautiful! You have a talent - I hope you keep drawing!

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