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Barefoot With Lupus

Yesterday afternoon (Friday) I felt a little better. We heat our house with fire wood. We have an insert that has a catalytic converter. Once the fire place gets going, there is no smoke out the chimney.

The down side of this fireplace is, you have to burn seasoned wood, which means I have to cut wood a year ahead of time. The wood I'm cutting this winter is for next winter (not exactly a true statement, I have enough wood cut and seasoned for the next 2 to 3 years). Anyway, with my health the way it is I cut as much as I can when I can. The day is coming soon when I won't be able to cut wood, so get as much stocked up as possible. I have to be twice as cautious being barefoot!

Yes, I have to do everything barefoot because of lupus Skin issues on my feet, but I refuse to let lupus stop me. I have learned to adapt and over come!

My motto is still

"Lupus has changed my life, but, I will not let Lupus control my LIFE"!

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I admire you so much x

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Thank You, but, I just do what I have to do. Even barefoot I can't let it stop me! Life goes on, so must we. Adapt and over come any and all situations.

Wishing you a good weekend!


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