Hi guys.

I have my rheumatologist appointment on Wednesday but I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before - Friday evening both arms from finger to shoulder was covered in a hot rash. The following two days I had rapid heart beat, BP was no lower than 148/92. The Saturday I experienced two separate occasions of heart palpitations. Yesterday my heart was beating so fast my hair was bouncing off my chest! Now today, I have blood splinters on both my index finger nails.

I've been given a course of antibiotics as my GP says it might be an infection in the sac around my heart after a positive Strep-C throat swab last week. I'm 26, female 60kg

Thanks xx


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6 Replies

  • Hi JazPont,

    How was your rheumatology appointment? Were they able to help the symptoms you have mentioned here?

    We have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which may be of interest to you. You can read and download it here -

    We also have a factsheet with information about lupus and the heart here -

  • Thank you Paul for you reply. No one ever replies to my threads on here and I still feel very alone in all of this. My family and friends don't understand so I come to forums for support but....

    Thank you x

  • Hi JazPont,

    I'm sorry that nobody had responded to your threads yet - I see that you've had quite a few responses to your new post though and I hope that is helping. It is a great community here and they are very supportive.

  • And yes I've been put on 40mg Prednisone reducing by 5mg weekly until my review with rheumy in 6 weeks. Also hydroxy. Blood tests again, and every 3 weeks until further notice

  • Has the prednisone helped with your symptoms yet?

  • Paul I havnt started the pred yet. I have an appointment with my GP this evening as I want to discuss it with him. I find the dose extremely high, I've been given the blue card, and had it drummed into me that if I come into contact with any germs I'm to contact my GP right away. My GP won't have received my Rheumy letter yet so I need to make him aware. It's like trying to get over the great wall of China at my surgerys reception! I need him to know that when I ring him I genuinely need him. I already have Leukopenia and I'm constantly infected with some sort of virus, I can't imagine my neutrophils when I start the steroids. I hope I'm doing the right thing

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