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Work and Pensions Select Committee:PIP

My tiny brain is frozen but I think, after a link from Paul, I contacted my MP about the difficulties we have with PIP across many conditions. I've had an email asking me to remind my MP this is important and they've asked recipients to pass on this link, which gives you an easy way to remind your MP. England only, I think, but no harm in trying it for all parts of UK and GB


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Thanks Lupiknits,

I can't resist this opportunity to highlight a news story I came across this morning. Speaking at a Bar Council seminar on Tuesday night, the most senior tribunal judge in Britain (his title is "Senior President of Tribunals"), Sir Earnest Ryder, apparently said that the quality of evidence provided to appeal tribunals by the Department for Work and Pensions is so poor it would be “wholly inadmissible” in any other court.

According to him, most of the benefits cases that reach court are based on bad decisions where the Department for Work and Pensions has no case at all. There's more reported here - all damning


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So damning I have no words .......

Except thank you Sir Ernest Ryder. Might be worth bookmarking that link if appealing your PIP. Make sure DWP see the link, too.


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