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Been off methatrexate now for 7 weeks

Not been posting for a bit but been busy getting back on my feet literally as I've posed before had an opp and have been taken off methatrexate due to bad infections last one causing the opp but that's on the mend but the jelly legs fatigue have come back with vengeance but my hands just don't want to do as they are told I'm dropping things again and I've lost a lot of the dexterity which is a concern as I'm a carpenter but the only positive is due to all the visits to hospital surgical urology and rumi I've actually been told after 2 years of you may have lupus they have told me it's uctd but all the Meds I'm on for lupus are the same for uctd but I'm off methatrexate for at least 12 months

I know nobody can put a face to me or my wife but she has been a rock to save me going to hospital or dr to get dressings changed she actually got trained up by the staff on the surgical ward to do the dressing change 6days a week what a trupper

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Welcome back to the forum. I hope you have a speedy recovery from your operation.


Thanks back at work now taking it easy hopefully will have the drain removed in December 🀞


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