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Leukocytes in urine

Hi... Had moderate lower abdominal for 3 weeks. Then found I've been lost on the system and am not on the rheumatologist waiting list. Dr on Monday to sort that out. So I was wondering what I could do to help myself from the kidney point of view while I wait for an appointment which is at this point a 5 month waiting list. So I decided on urinalysis sticks. I bought them from amazon and went for the same one used by NHS. Tested today and found I have trace protein and large leukocytes in my urine. So telling Dr that and requesting urinalysis. But I have a question. How often should I test myself without becoming obsessed about it. I was thinking fortnightly. Unless of course I feel symptoms. It's there anything else I can do to help myself with monitoring?

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Can you get a GP appointment? Many people have a trace of protein without it meaning anything and can also be transitory.


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