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Fund Raising Plans 2017/2018

Just to say my plans moving forward. October this year I raised £300 for GoTheExtraMile. I have now got a general form which I will put spare change into up until the end of March 2018. In May 2018 will do the group GoTheExtaMile walk around London (Everyone is welcome to come along would be good to meet everyone). Also in May will do Tower 10K Jog around moat of The Tower of London for British Heart Foundation. I will then finish off next year with TheGoTheExtraMile 4 mile run in October 2018. As long as I feel fit enough this will become an ongoing cycle each year.

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Well done you! Can I ask how you managed to push yourself to get back to this level of exercise? I understand that you have always enjoyed exercise and being fit and so maybe that makes a huge difference as you had the motivation. I understand that exercise can help us a great deal but it's so hard pushing against pain and discomfort to reach a point where you see the benefits. I was wondering if you had any good tips for the rest of us please? :)

There is some good information on Lupus UK about exercising with lupus too:

(This is from someone who managed to avoid swimming sessions at school for nearly an entire school year by hiding in a music practice room ;) . . . I really do wish I could find something I enjoyed doing!)


Hi yes I have been someone who has run since the late 80s so although had some difficult times running is part of what I do. After flare ups and heart op it has been hard work but have always felt good after running so I believe it helps my state of mind and we'll being and helps joints. If you would like to exercise I would start slow so with some walking a few times a week, then try and increase the pace to a faster pace. If you want to exercise then try and make it part of your routine so a few times a week allocate time for this activity. Build up slowly and try and find something you enjoy as an activity.

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