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Vaginal bleeding

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I hope you don't mind me posting this but I am so worried. I am newly diagnosed and my consultant is doing lots of tests and i am due a kidney biopsy too. I just Went to the toilet for a pee and when I cleaned myself there was some brownish reddish blood on the toilet paper but my period is due in 6 days. So I am wondering if it is my kidneys. I always have blood in my urine when tested at the hospital. I am having lots of stomach ache and back pain. I am due to see my consultant on the 24th October. 🤔😲😨

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Hi Tulipano, I'm sorry you're having a difficult time of it at the moment and abnormal bleeding must only be increasing your anxiety. If you can't speak to a doctor at your surgery on out of hours, call NHS 111 and get proper medical advice on what to do next. Looking at your other posts, it seems that your GP hasn't been particularly helpful which can be offputting but the 111 service can assess your symptoms and give you some advice and reassurance straight away. I hope you're able to get some answers x

If it is brownish and visible on the toilet paper I would be surprised if it is from the bladder but you never know.

I'd ask the practice for an emergency appointment tomorrow and discuss it with them.

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Southshoremom in reply to PMRpro

I have nephritis stage 3. I know how worried you are. I have had kidney stones twice and you could very well have one. This is the only time I have passed blood like that. I would go to doctor tomorrow to get checked out. Kidney stone pain is the worst! Good luck and let us know.

Is it possible your period is starting early? I used to be very regular but the past couple of years have been erratic. Sometimes I can start a week to ten days early or I can be a week to ten days late. Usually when I start the blood is reddish brown and not too much. I also get severe pain in my back and also pain in my stomach. This is often how I know that my period will start within a couple of days but the pain continues after it has.

If you are worried then I would make an appointment to see your GP. Xx

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