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Help has anybody had odd side effects as I've posted I've had bad jelly legs for two weeks so on Sunday I thought I'll take nortriptalin as it was prescribed as a sub for amitriptalin as it dose not give you a hangover in the morning so I took it to relax my muscles and hopefully get some relief now feel free to laf giggle snigger as we need to laugh but since taking it I've been in considerable pain discomfort as around and up 🤣my bum is cramping so as I was walking round the house at 4 this morning I goggled side effects and you got it it can cause muscle spasms well I can tell u it does,so they are going back I'll put up with the hangover from amitriptalin I'm hoping I sleep tonight when the cramping has stopped I'll have a giggle 🤣🤣

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