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Back at work

Following from many of you written about ‘to work or not to work that is the question’.

Wasn’t planning to go back to work at all. Long story, a manger from a different department has been very kind and understands my situation. He asked for my transfer to his team and will help me as much as possible. Was going very well since Monday, until just now. Low in energy and can’t focus. Not sure if is because I am been off work for 6 months or the wolf is being lazy.

Taken as much precaution as you guys have suggested. Up front about my illness with manager, sleeping early, taking it easy, not stressing etc. Not sure if is the lights (in the form of tubes) that is started to make me feel unwell. Now I understand why some of you are avoiding lights in the office:-)

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Hi Leave-me-alone,

Fluorescent tube lighting can emit UV which can trigger lupus activity. There are UV filtering sleeves available which could help with this. If you want more information about these, go to


Thanks Paul.

2nd week in! What I have notice is, when I am busy I am good. As soon as it slows down I will start to feel very tried. I am making sure I get 9 hour sleep each night, seems to be doing the job. I was a high flyer before, learning to let that go I guess also helped. I don't stress what work any more, just seat back and wait for managers to tell me what to do. Sounds bad but it might be working. Have to say feel better to do some normal things:-)

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