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So, updated bloods, and complete change?

So, had bloods done late last year, everything but Ana came back negative, Ana 1/2560 homogeneous, 640 speckled. Was referred to rheumy then, got in in July, where other tests and bloods were done.

For the bloodwork, everything came back negative or in normal range again, but ANA 1/2560 dense fine speckled instead?

With results of the other tests and my ongoing symptoms, I've been told I definitely have some sort of connective tissue disease, likely lupus, but that my bloods are weird.

So...??? Why from one to the other Ana wise, or is it a case of more specific testing at the specialist?

And, what exactly does the dfs blood result mean in general terms?

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Hi bengali,

I'm afraid that I don't have much information for you about the pattern of your ANA result. This site gives some information about what the different patterns can mean - labtestsonline.org/understa... - it looks as though as long as it is speckled it is indicative of SLE, Sjögren syndrome, scleroderma, polymyositis, rheumatoid arthritis, and mixed connective tissue disease.

Do you know whether your doctors have done any furthers tests such as anti-dsDNA, anti-RNP, complement levels etc.? Have you been started on any treatment?


Sorry, just realized I had this!! Been a bit crazy lately.

They have done very thorough bloods, ena, dsdna, CCP, biochem, etc, etc. Everything else normal.

I just went back this past week and quiried the change, and both the (very competent seeming) and the senior doc she then asked, too, have, though they have seen ana types change and fluctuate, but never to our from the dense fine speckled.

They feel symptoms def point to SLE though, with Reynaud's and EM.

Am on hydroxychloroquine 2x a day, as well as methotrexate once weekly (with folic Acid the day after), tomorrow marls the 4th week of methotrexate, though just was upped from one to two tablets.

Was already on Lyrica 75 mg 2 x daily to help with EM pain, and Felodipine to help with the Reynaud's and chilblains.

Am to go back in approx 3 months. Also yo get repeat of Ana, etc levels briefly before going next time, see if it's changed again or not, as well as continue 3 weekly bloods to monitor organ function going on the hydroxy and methotrexate.

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