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Finally awarded PIP & put in Support group for ESA

Some good news! After reading some of the horror stories online, I was a bit nervous and convinced I'd be turned down again! but I have finally been awarded PIP. I first applied over a year ago & was refused immediately, at that time I just accepted it. When my Lupus got a little worse and blessed me with fluid around the heart, I thought I would try again. This was back in January. I finally had my assessment in July. The assessor was lovely, she explained she wasn't going to break me & if I couldn't do any part of the physical assessment not to worry. As it happened I'd been having a bad flare for a few days, so I could barely managed any of it!

She asked if I could touch my toes, I said you're having laugh, can you touch yours? Which she laughed at and said no because her roll of fat stopped her.

The PIP was backdated to January. Happy Days!!

A few days later I had to attend a Health Assessment for ESA. (Still in the midst of a flare up). I followed the assessor down the corridor, breathless & using my crutch like my life depended on it. The assessor took one look at me, said this won't take long, said he'd read up on the condition & wasn't going to do a physical assessment as it would wear me out. He asked for consultant letters and that was that! 3 weeks after both assessments and I've had letters confirming both PIP and ESA.

Even though work finished me, this has in no doubt softened the blow a little!

Keep positive and persevering folks. 😃

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Wonderful news kezzabo, thanks for sharing. You must be very relieved to have both assessments done now and money sorted. Hope you were awarded them for a long time so you get a good break. Hope your health improves now the worry is over. X


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